Thursday, 26 May 2011

Thanks to Windows Scheduler ...

I made some vague comment last time I blogged, I believe, about doing it more regularly ... so I organised for Windows to pop up with a reminder each Thursday morning. So far so good, except it is now afternoon, and I really dont have time ... bit sad really.

But here's why ...

  • The house is a mess (yes it is, really, and no, I'm not going to ignore it cos that will then make me cranky having a dirty, unorganised

  • I have just finished doing some (not all I wanted to but some nonetheless) farm office work ... which was scheduled for yesterday (one of my kid-free days) but which I didn't get to do because I ended up helping hubby pull the tractor and spray rig out of a bog ... which incidently I didn't mind doing and really quite enjoyed a wee bit of tractor driving, especially when I was so highly commended on my tractor driving skills and the perfect execution of the pull-tractor-out-of-bog manouvre ... but which then put my whole day out of kilter and I ended up rushing to town to the PO and to do some errands

  • I have a heap of new stock to upload to the RES site ... but I have now run out of peak internet usage time (we're on satellite out here, no chance at getting these lovely cheap "unlimited" plans - gggrrr) ...

  • I have some sorting and pricing to do of various household goods which I'm selling at a garage sale on Saturday ... which is actually my friend's garage sale but I am helping and taking the opportunity to sell our stuff (and I cant tell you how handy a little bit of cash would be so cross your fingers for me ok)

  • I also have baking to do ... why? you ask ... well let's just say I had the brilliant idea of baking cupcakes and the likes for my 2 kids and my friend's 2 kids to sell at their own little table at the garage sale - bit of pocket money for them and will hopefully keep them out of our hair

So that's why I haven't got time ... and why am I still here? Dunno really, other than to attempt to actually update my blog in an entertaining way ... trying to, anyway.

Best get busy now. See ya :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bad blogger

Yes, yes I know, bad blogger, slack blogger ... why would anyone read a blog that's never updated LOL.
So perhaps I need to schedule a day each week, just like other regular activities, to update the blog, what do you think?

Anyway, here's some creating from recent weeks, not much but something at least.

First up this was a "just because" LO and also using some old MME papers from the Red Earth Scrapping shop (which I thought were gorgeous but didn't sell well LOL). I also threw lots of embellies from my stash on there too although I'm not sure I got the placement quite right, looks a bit like someone threw up on it in places, but oh well, it's another memory recorded I suppose.

Then there's this one also using products from the RES shop (which sold better though LOL) - Cosmo Cricket "Togetherness" range ...

So next up, using yet more old stock from RES, I wanted to try painting a background to "soften" the base pp so I swiped this Fancy Pants pp with white paint but really thin so you could still see the colour and patterned behind. I splattered a bit of trust Maya Road Mist there too and used some scraps of the FP paper from the same "Wishful Thinking" range, popped on an odd assortment of embellies and there you have it. Just not happy with the buckling paper from having painted it though.

I've also been doing some card making workshops at home with some wonderful local ladies and here's what we made recently (focussing on using just 1 sheet of patterned paper and utilising our Cuttlebug machines and folders/dies etc) -

Having had 2 successful and enjoyable sessions we're now going to try and meet every 6 or so weeks on a Saturday afternoon. Next time we'll be doing some male/masculine cards so I need to get my A into G and get the samples and instructions done.

Dont you agree part of the beauty of hobbies is sharing with other like minded crafters? I get such a happy buzz from creating with others who enjoy and appreciate the same things. I love introducing people to the joys of paper crafting and seeing them create their own masterpiece of which to be proud of.

So that's the creating news from me, but what else has been going on? Well, the children have started their very first season of soccer! And there's a story with this too ...

which I put on a LO (funnily enough) ...

I hope you can read the journalling, it's a great story of how Caitlin's first week's efforts (i.e. chucking a wobbly and not playing a single second of the game) turned completely around for the second week (i.e. joined in training AND played the whole game AND had fun .. AND ... received her team's player of the week trophy!).
Here's my little soccer star (week 2).

And here's my other little soccer star (from week 1). Ciaran took to it like a duck to water and had so much fun. I was so proud of him too, going off happily with the group of little 5 year olds, listening very intently to the coach and doing every thing he was told. They have a fun skills training session followed by a mini game. The second week's little game was hilarious as the kids were all running intently after the ball, kicking it along but neither team realised they were suppose to be aiming for their goal, they just kept running and kicking, all the way along the entire length of the soccer fields, past (and even through) about 3 other little games ... it was just too funny and cute.

Well there's the update for you, perhaps I'll set that weekly task now 'eh.
Thanks for stopping by.