Sunday, 30 September 2007

Spring has sprung

Slack blogger once again. Apologies ...

Ok, first up I'll post all the pics of DD's 3rd b'day celebrations.

I made Caitlin's b'day cake to have at playgroup the day before her actual b'day and took some party food so she could celebrate with some little people. Pink is "THE" colour if you cant guess! The stove/cooking set was a hit and she serves up all sorts of dishes. Great imaginary play. On her actual b'day she opened presents then we rushed out the door to a Women In Agriculture forum where I was on a "panel" responding to questions about Women In Ag (we'd been given them a week before) to help promote discussion about various issues we face. The kids had to come with me and although they were not naughty, they didn't just sit and play quietly, they kept popping up and down. I didn't get to participate fully and enjoy the forum more because I was so conscious of keeping the kids quiet and content. None of the other women minded though and even helped with them which was good. Then I had to take both kids to the Dr after the meeting because they were both sick so by the time I got home I was exhausted.

The day after her b'day the kids went to day care as usual but Caitlin came home miserable and with a raging temperature so she went downhill pretty quick and didn't even eat her second b'day cake, a strawberry sponge (she had asked for a strawberry cake so this was the best I could do). My in-laws had returned home that day from a 3 week caravan touring holiday so all the family gathered for dinner at our place that night. At least she looked happy enough in the piccies although she didn't even want to eat a piece of cake.

Here endeth the saga of a 3 year old's b'day celebrations!!!

Now on to scrapping. I mentioned last post that I completed all 3 challenges for the Divas August Cyber Crop but I only posted a pic of1 LO. Here's the other 2 ...

The w/end after Divas CC I joined up and participated in Scrapbooking Top 50 CC - Michelle from Divas was sponsoring the CC so I thought I'd join her and some of the other Diva girls over there. We had some great challenges although I only managed to complete 1 for the w/end. Here it is ...

This LO was done using a sketch as the basis although mine ended up quite a bit different. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind but I'm quite pleased with the result and when I showed a few of the Mums at playgroup they loved it. I was also asking them which LO's I should enter for the (Canowindra) show this year and they said definitely this one - which I did, together with the Wyangala Dam in Drought LO (last post) and the Snuggle LO (big pic of DD with BG pp and HS ghost alphas). Well, I got a "highly commended" for the above LO but the stewards didn't pull out my other 2 LO's from the plastic sleeve I had them in, despite having their entry tickets firmly and clearly attached. Gggrrrrrr ...

Anyway, at least I entered. Oh, I also entered a bottle of tomato relish (I made 3 batches in Jan/Feb this year) and got 2nd for it.

Talking about the show, my friend and I had a Tupperware display too and although we didn't make many sales, we've got some party bookings which is great. So after "manning" the stand for 2 days (and had the kids with me for most of it) I was stuffed.
My parents arrived that afternoon and met us at the show so after taking the kids, well mainly Caitlin, on a few rides (and by this time she'd been on the "coffees" i.e. tea cups LOL and the jumping castle and giant slide countless times) I packed up and we headed home.
I'll post details another time of the lovely fortnight we've had with my parents here.
Ciao for now everyone ...

Friday, 7 September 2007

Slack Blogger

So I know it's been a long time since I posted. Sorry to anyone who's dropped in here. So here's some updates.

First up is some advertising (plugs) :

Check out Scrapbook Divas for further info.

Followed by some tags :

The lovely Megan tagged me on her blog ages ago with this cute little "thing". Thanks my friend.

So if you're reading this and haven't already got this, consider yourself TAGGED!!!

And this one is from the lovely and talented Diva Vicky. Thanks to you too my friend.
Once again, if you're reading this, consider yourself TAGGED!!!

So what else has been going on. My goodness, it's been over a month since I last posted.

I haven't done much scrapping although I did manage all 3 challenges for Diva's Cybercrop last month AND won a $20 voucher for this LO.

This was a challenge set by the forum members and in keeping with the travel theme - we had to use a map or map pp on the LO (I printed one on vellum from the net), 3 or more different alphas and 4 or more photos.

These pics are of Wyangala Dam, which is about an hours drive from us, taken in April this year when the dam was only about 3% (capacity), basically almost back to the original river. The effects of the drought are clearly visible here.

I'll post my other LO's another time cos right now I should be scrapping (got some recipe cards to do for swaps) and the kids have just woken up from their naps ...

Oh, and next post will have pics and details of DD's 3rd b'day celebration earlier this week.

Bye for now ...