Monday, 30 April 2007

I've been tagged !!!

Both Megan and Jode have tagged me I see ... so here goes ...

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I absolutely HATE bananas - they make me gag. I cant stand the sight (so squishy - uugghh) or the smell or the texture - HORRIBLE !!!

2. I was born and bred in Brisbane but now live on a farm (and wouldn't go back to the big smoke for quids).

3. I have been to New Zealand (twice), Singapore, Canada and the US, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Chzech Republic, Austria, Holland ... and would love to go back to all these places again !!!

4. I have always had long hair - it has never been above my shoulders.

5. I was a Brownie, then a Guide, a Ranger Guide then a Guide Leader until I was 22.

6. I actually like mowing the lawn (although maybe that's because we've been in drought and it hasn't required much mowing - hehehe).

7. I have been a Nutrimetics Consultant now for about 10 years I think.

So there's my 7 random (and very NOT exciting) facts ... now I have to tag 7 more people. I dont think I have that many blogs I visit that haven't already been tagged so I'll have to e-mail some friends I think (is that allowed ?).


Friday, 27 April 2007

Finally !!!

I have finally done a LO for DS ... and would you believe it didn't take me too long (cant say just how long since I kept getting interrupted).

I did a 12x12 page (and framed it) for a friend when her son was born about 2 years ago using this pp and I have wanted to use it again - lucky for me I actually had my own son!

I've used Heidi Swapp's chipboard self-adhesive letters but they weren't sticky at all so I've had to glue 'em on myself. I also used HS corner rubons (on both photos and the word "adore") but I found they were breaking up as I rubbed them on which is a shame. I only bought them fairly recently.

Anyway, leave me a comment about my first LO for Ciaran ... be constructive with your comments (not just "nice" or "good work") - I truly want people's opinions about whether something's missing from a LO, not quite right or perhaps you would have done something different ...

And on another note ...... IT'S RAINING !!! Yep, Mother Nature hasn't forgotten how to release the wet stuff from the sky although she's just teasing us at the moment. Please keep you fingers and everything else crossed that we get some more SOON ... enough to sow the crop and fill the tanks would be a start ...

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Talk about forgetful

I HAVE done some scrapping recently - my last post said no LO's ... (forgetful me).

Here's my LO for Scrapbook Divas April Design Team Challenge set by Jode (who won the 3rd Challenge for Diva's first Cybercrop last month and got herself a spot as the Guest DT Member - woohoo).

This was an awesome challenge - 5 reasons to be thankful for your Mum and had to include journalling strips, 3 types of distressing and stitching.

The "M" is from Making Memories and the pp's and die cuts are all Sassafras Lass "Sew Fine". I layered some of the butterflies and the flower and all the die cut goodies are mounted on d/s foam tape. The edges have all been inked with Walnut Ink as have the journalling strips. The white cardstock under the "M" has been torn and inked again with Walnut Ink and I've sanded the photos too, something I dont normally do but thought I'd give it a try. I dont think it has much effect on this LO however. The stitching is the little "x" on the journalling strips using left over thread from my cross stitches.

Here's some close ups to show off my work (hehehe) ...

Turning a corner

In my post on 10th April I was complaining about the "terrible twos" and how I wasn't coping etc. Well, I am pleased to report that DD seems to have turned a corner with that behaviour and Mummy is coping so much better!

I've been told that often toddlers will go through a really foul stage of behaviour or actions just before they do their next bit of maturing ... I have seen it before with DD and should have realised perhaps this time ... because sure enough she literally just woke up one morning in a better mood and I noticed almost straight away that she'd grown up.

So last post I introduced DH Marty ... this post I'll introduce you to my 2 beautiful children.

This is CAITLIN ELIZABETH ... born 4th September 2004.

I snapped this photo just last week - she was eating some more of her Easter chocolate after dinner one night and was clowning around.

Dont you love her gorgeous deep brown eyes? Button nose? Killer smile?

Hey, I'm her MOTHER, I'm entitled to brag about her (and of course no one else's child is as beautiful as your own - hehehe).

And here's CIARAN MICHAEL ... born 29th July 2006.

(And no, I dont mind you asking how to pronounce his name - Keiran - the spelling we chose is the original Irish way and if you can do a good Irish accent put some more emphasis on the second half).

DS is a real little boy and just so full on. Never stops. And has such a beautiful personality that shines through even at this age.

Caitlin's personality was so strong too right from when she was a tiny baby.

Now, his eye colour ... they're hazel basically. Some days more brown, others more green/grey but always gorgeous. Yeah I know, bragging AGAIN!!!

Would you believe he's so close to walking (and not quite 9 months yet). He's been on his feet cruising between the furniture and all that for a while now but the latest trick is not only standing without holding on, but standing up by himself. OMG! Where did my baby boy go?

I have a confession ... I have not scrapped one single page for Ciaran! I know, I know, I know ... what a terrible mother and all that BUT ... I have been buying up plenty of boy themed stuff for my scrap stash so there's sure to be something readily available when I finally get around to starting his album.

So, no LO's to share yet again however I'm working on one for Cyberscraps April Challenge which is about your best personal trait (see previous post) and I want to try and squeeze in an Easter LO for Scrapbook Divas April challenge as well but I haven't got the photos printed yet and my printer is dying a slow, painful death ... hmmm, we'll just have to see about them.

Well, hope you liked the piccies of my kids.

Til next time ...

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Too many scrapping challenges!!!

Ooooh how I wish I had more time to scrap. I think about it constantly and have various ideas running through my head but just dont seem to get to "my scrapping space" to do it. Why??? I really think sometimes I need to get more organised with my time, or perhaps, time management ... being at home with the kids, while not a cruisy job of course, means that I dont have a set structure or pattern. I always make myself get the housework done first but I guess between that, entertaining/caring for 2 kids and running around, not to mention now working 1 day a week ... ok, I think I'll quit whinging now!!!

Totally different tack now ... was "flicking" through my photos in "My Pics" tonight while on the net as well, and cropped this one of my DH and I taken when we went to a wedding in October 2005. I quite like this one of us actually ...
For those who dont know me/us, this is the first time I think you would have "met" my DH ... Marty. So, here he is looking so cool in those sunnies (???) but to me anyway he's my tall, dark, charming, handsome prince - he's my soul mate, my best friend, the absolute love of my life, the one I CANNOT live without, my rock and strength, one who can make me laugh and cry ...
So, no scrapping this post, but I did make it a bit more interesting with this photo I hope ...
As I started with though, plenty of scrapping going on in my head (does that count), now just to get to those LO's - I want to submit LO's for the Diva's monthly challenge (Easter theme - still have to print the photos - LOL) and Cyberscraps April challenge is a LO about your best personal trait (I have had trouble with this one but my DH and some friends have kindly helped with some ideas). Also wanted to have a crack at the 1,2,3 Challenge (swirls/flourishes chipboard, no paint, gemstones) but we'll see how I go ...
Til next time ... good night, H.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The "terrible twos" really are TERRIBLE

DD - 2 years and 5 months - sure knows how to push my buttons!!!
Can a 2 year old really be capable of "hating" someone or at least being deliberately spiteful and hurtful? Well, that's what it feels like to me and I'm struggling not to take it too personally ... but I'm feeling like I may as well not exist sometimes. We just CLASH, constantly, over stupid little things and while a 2 year old can shake it off fairly quick, I'm left feeling guilty ... and more than a little like a failure as a mother!!!

BUT ... I'm not the first mother to experience this and I'm sure I wont be the last. Little comfort though ...

On a brighter note, I finally finished my double LO that I started on Easter Saturday (before coming down with a cold) so here it is ...

I'm getting more comfortable doing double LO's now - for some reason I used to think they were big undertakings but I guess I'm doing more scrapping these days and, well, sometimes you cant cram all your photos onto a single LO now, can you?!?!

And here on the right is the postcard with journalling underneath that goes in a simple pocket behind the second page. This was the postcard I sent DH from Brunswick Heads when DD and I were there with my parents (June 2005) - believe it or not, it's been on our fridge ever since!

And of course on the left now is the journalling behind the postcard - it's about the peaceful little spot that has drawn 5 generations of my family to spend holiday time here. Sorry it's not easy to read ... bit late at night for me to fiddle around getting my photos and editing right I'm afraid!

I'm off to work tomorrow and DD will be at day care (which she loves) so we'll see what sort of response I get from her in the evening ... MIL looks after DS while I'm at work - all he'll want when I get home is my boobs!!! Remember, he's only 8&1/2 months old!

Well, goodnight all ... here's hoping I get a little more sleep tonight than the last few nights ...

PS. It's occurred to me a few times now that I have not scrapped one single LO of DS ... SLACK!!! Must be the "obsessive/compulsive" streak in me that for some reason I started DD's album so have to get it up to date (huh?) or something like that. However I have been accumulating a suitable stash of baby boy things AND I've also got photos printed ready to scrap ... so I must get started ... SOON!

Saturday, 7 April 2007

I got an urge to scrap yesterday afternoon and - wonder of wonders - managed to complete a WHOLE layout in one session. There was no coming back and forth from it for days as I sometimes do, I just worked away and got it done and am actually very pleased with the result.

Scrapping is never a chore (hello, would we do it otherwise!) but as much as I love it I almost always make myself complete other things (read:housework) before I get to do "my thing". I am slowly getting more organised so I can spend more time scrapping.

Before I get scrapping now, let me tell you a funny (well, sort of) story - I drenched the family yesterday (Combantrim - i.e. wormed) and accidentally poisoned my husband. He had 11 squares of chocolate instead of the maximum dose of 7 - OOOOPS!!! DD and I were fine but poor old DH came home at lunch time and spent the afternoon lazing on the lounge and running to the loo!!! Oh dear ...
He's been telling everyone since that I tried to poison him - LOL!!!

Friday, 6 April 2007

Note to self ...

DONT PROCRASTINATE! Sometimes I astound myself with how organised I can be and get things done and other times I'm a shocker. I'm especially bad at decision making, I know that!

Those piles of washing I mentioned last time ... well I finally put my A into G last night and got 'em folded. I should have just done it as I brought it in instead of seeing the pile grow and then become a big chore.

I'm proud of myself this morning though - I've done a load of washing AND hung it straight out AND got all the hand washing done that I've been putting off. Now I might have something in my wardrobe to wear - hehehe.

On another note ... DD was so cute last night when I got home from work (laden with groceries). She helped me unpack and put it all away in the cupboard and fridge - the 2L juice and soft drinks though were "too hebby mummy". How cute!

Why are 2 year olds so sweet and cute and funny one minute, then just horrible the next??? I guess that's being 2 ...

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Where is the week going?

I guess it's only hump day today but already I'm on the downhill run to the end of the week, or so it feels.

We went to playgroup on Monday morning and stayed longer than I planned although the kids didn't mind.
DS was coming down with something so I wanted to get him home to rest - I think I got some washing done but I cannot for the life of me remember now what I did. Tuesday I spent cleaning and tidying the house for friends coming to stay. More washing of course and I STILL haven't folded it all yet - I'm ashamed to admit it's in piles on our bedroom floor and tonight I just cant be bothered.

My friends arrived for dinner Tuesday evening and we had a lovely evening catching up with them over a bottle of chocolate liqueur port (YUM) and then today we all rushed out of the house together - first stop was to deliver DD to day care, then I drove around town showing my friends a few interesting places before DS got very upset and I decided to take him to the Dr - he'd been battling raging temps for 3 days/nights now and just looked sick although he was still feeding/eating ok. I didn't want to take any chances though.
So I dumped my poor friends at a fabulous "shop" (antiques, homewares, giftware, garden things and great coffee on the side) and headed to the Dr.

Turns out DS has some sort of virus so he's now on antibiotics and Dr wanted a urine sample - gave me just 2 of those peadiatric bag things and said he wanted the sample ASAP. Well, I'm not having any luck in that department because both have come unstuck - ggrrrr. Thank god his temp seems to be under control today.

So I collected my friends, and we came home so I could check out her scrapbooking albums. WOW!!! OMG!!! I was so inspired and excited and itching to get into my scrapping then and there, but then got very sad realising that my scrapping seems to take a back seat to all the other day to day chores and running around.
At least I could drool over her work and discuss things like Basic Grey, Fancy Pants, Chatterbox, Chipboard, inking - blah blah blah - without having to explain myself!!!

DH came home and we all had lunch together before my friends headed off and before I knew it, it was time to head to town AGAIN to collect DD, deliver a Nutrimetics order and come home to do the afternoon/evening battle of dinner, baths and bed ... WHEW!!!

And tomorrow, I have to work :( :( :(

I am so hanging out to do some scrapping ... maybe over Easter ...

Monday, 2 April 2007

How embarassing!!!

So, about that wedding on the w/end ... DH was best man for his mate so I didn't see him for most of the day. DH was sorry he wouldn't be with me but I assured him I would be fine, it wasn't like I didn't know anyone, just so long as we got at least one dance together.

Anyway, I got dressed up, the kids were happy at home with the babysitter and I was all set for a good night out.

Well, we got a quick spin together on the dance floor, I "grooved" a bit more with some friends before my night went downhill ... and yes, you guessed it, I had a little too much to drink!!! Let's just say my best friend (who, I might add, was almost as bad as me) and DH had to look after me and we ended up being taken home by some friends instead of going on the bus back to town with the rest of the guests!!! HOW EMBARRASING!!!

It was little comfort to know that there were plenty of other "messy" people that night and a heap of sore heads the following day, it's just that I made mine rather public - uuggghh!!!

BUT ... I did have some help with my red wine consumption since my glass was constantly topped up when I wasn't looking so when I thought I was ok just sipping slowly on one glass, who knows how much I had - oops. And I'm out of practice too, having had my second baby only 8 months ago (and don't worry, he was bottle fed instead that night). Well, they're my excuses and I'm sticking to 'em!

In all though the wedding was beautiful and I did have a great night.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Well, here goes my first attempt at a blog!!!

Well, here goes my first attempt at a blog. I was inspried to create my own little "on line diary and scrapping gallery" from reading fellow scrappers blogs and seeing how they displayed their work. Having finally got broadband earlier this year (satellite) I've been spending way too much time at the computer and most of it has been browsing scrapping sites (read : shopping too). I've joined a few forums and through there have felt like I've made a whole new set of friends.

Last weekend I participated in my first ever CYBERCROP at and loved it. I arranged for DH to be around during the w/end to keep the kids out of my hair while I got down to the serious business of scrapping. I managed to completed all 3 challenges and - get this - was the winner for the first challenge!!! Here's my LO ...

This is DD Caitlin at about 23 months last winter - she just loved this beanie and insisted on having her jacket hood up too. The challenge was to use puzzle pieces and 2 patterned papers ... I found these puzzle piece shapes in clip art in WORD so I printed them, stuck it to cardboard and put the pp on the other side then cut 'em out (well, I lie a little here - DH cut them out AND managed to snap my good scissors in the process LOL).

My entry for the second challenge (had to use heartfelt journalling) was a mini album 6" x 4" which will be a work in progress - it starts off with a photo of DH which I love (but he hates) and the chorus from Josh Groban's song "In Her Eyes" (from his latest album "Awake"). The journalling is about how this song expresses how I believe how my husband feels about me (if that makes sense).

The third challenge was Black & White ... and I'm pretty pleased with my LO ...

The journalling card is behind the photo - the piccie is of my mum when she was about 3 and the journalling is about how music has shaped her life.
She said she had tears in her eyes when she saw/read this one.
Oh, the title reads "God gave us MUSIC that we might pray without words".

I really enjoyed creating this one because I made every element from scratch (the piano keys is actually a pic I downloaded from the internet, converted to grayscale and printed on vellum) and I also did the same with a pic of music manuscript, printed it on white bazzil cardstock and cut the letters of "music" by hand. I have also never done a B&W LO so it was a challenge for me but I did enjoy it.

Needless to say, my whole w/end of scrapping left me with a pile of housework to catch up on during this past week (and - horror - I still have a little pile on the floor STILL not folded and put away). In fact I was a bit scrapped-out so I haven't done any more scrapping this week except to make a card on Friday for a friend's wedding we attended yesterday.

More about the wedding next time ...