Thursday, 26 February 2009

Scrapbook Divas News

I have a new job ... Forum & Advertising Co-ordinator at

You must come and visit us because March is our 3rd birthday month and there's lots happening ...
  • Crazy Cropping

  • Forum Points Competition

  • Challenges

And of course lots of fun and chatting.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention PRIZES, yes, Michelle is very generous with lots of great goodies and vouchers up for grabs.

In other news ... last week we went down to Adelaide to pick up our new baby ... THIS -> -> ->

Yes, we splashed out and bought a "new" ski boat. DH has been looking at one for years and years and decided now was the time as the kids are older and he really wants to keep skiing as long as he can.

Strangely enough the bloke who owned it used to live and work within a few hours of us and of course skiied at some of the same places we do. He moved to Adelaide with his job and took the boat but isn't close enough to fresh water so he made the difficult decision to sell his baby ... and we bought it.

Had ourselves a holiday while were at at it, stayed at Mildura 1 night on the way down and the way back. Loved Adelaide and surrounds, had half a day in the Barossa (yes I got some wine tasting in too) and on the way back put the boat in the Murray River at Mildura for a run. We are very happy with it. Being an inboard I can drive it no worries (I am going for my boat licence shortly), not like our poor old tub with the outboard which was so heavy and cumbersome.

DH couldn't resist the glassy water though and had a barefoot off the training bar, no wetsuit, poor bloke LOL.

Since getting home it's been straight back to work, preschool and a mountain of washing. :( :( :(

I managed a little more scrapping before we left though ...

1st up at Divas ->

Scraplift the Master at Divas ... (the master being our very own Diva, Melleny Ams, Scrapbooking Memories Master).

Rachael's A Year In Review sketch ... (not happy with this one but the Diva girls gave me some suggestions so I have yet to play around with it again)

Valentine's Weekend Challenge 1 ...
And some more uni assignments over at 3AS ->

A collage of photos for the first part of the Science assignment (haven't done the rest of the assignment or the bonus yet - eek)

Collage of family pics for the History assignment (and again have not done the rest of the assignment ... yet ... ATC's and a altered item to store them in ... eeeeeek!!!).

Lastly, this is the 3AS Art assignment ... yes, completed!!!
We had to create an art folder type of thing using large paper bags or that sort of thing. Luckily I had stashed all these from places like The Trading PostLink (check it out) so to bind it together I just used split rings. There are 5 bags, the first is for the kids preschool pics, then the next 2 bags are for Caitlin's 2 year's worth of preschool art and the next 2 are for Ciaran's (he'll start next year). We had to use paint so on each bag I put a big splash of colour using paint, then used thickers for their names.
Thanks for looking everyone and dont forget to leave me a comment :)
Ciao ...

Monday, 9 February 2009

I'm enrolled at Uni !!!

3 Angels Scrapping uni that is :)

Here's some of my assignments so far ...

Maths (clock and bonus marks for the set of cards)

English (I used WORDLE to create the word cloud - you have to check it out, very cool). My journalling is behind the pic.

Home Economics recipe store (before and after pics).

There's a few subjects I am just not going to manage, I dont have the time to master things like photoshop and I'm sure I'm just going to run out of time but hey so far so good.

Stay tuned for more uni work AND more from the Scrrapbook Diva challenges for Feb.