Saturday, 17 November 2007

Howdy ...

Wassup??? All I can tell you is that it's HOT here. The other week we were pulling jumpers out on a few chilly mornings and suddenly the heat has arrived with a vengance and slapped us in the face. We've been sweltering ...

Thankfully it's cooled off a little this afternoon with a few storms hanging around although we haven't got anything at our place (yet?).

Harvest is underway - the boys have stripped the canola and are into the oats now plus there's all they haymaking to do. Sounds crazy - yes - but it's the nature of the job.

Now, onto scrapping ... here's my first attempt at a canvas. It was so much easier than I thought (although why I thought it would be hard I dont know LOL). If I may say so, I'm quite pleased with it. And I enjoyed it so I've got more planned. Thanks for the great class Catherine!

Speaking of new things to try, I just did 2 half maps (6"x12" pages) during the week using only scraps of c/stock and pp. I dont mind these either ...

And I've done my tags for the Divas xmas tag swap ... here they are ...

All the Scrapbook Divas and Scrapboxx recipe swap cards are done and distributed/posted.

I've started the Divas Christmas card/mail art swap ... hmmm, what else???

Here's a sneek of a very exciting series of projects starting at Scrapbook Divas shortly called "The 12 Days of Christmas". I cant wait to get stuck into the projects Diva Rachael and Diva Vicky have been preparing for us ... I've been stocking up on Christmas pp and lots of bits and pieces.

So if you're reading this blog and you're NOT a Divas member ... JOIN NOW so you dont miss out on these fabulous FREE Christmas projects. The Divas forum is a fabulous place to hang out.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007


OMG, For Keeps have e-mailed me to say they want the Wyangala Dam LO for issue 64, "travel" theme. I'm just so stoked one of my LO's has been accepted. To me anyway, it's really quite a big thing to be published so I cant wait to share my excitement.

Now I need to get it posted off to them ASAP.

This year has been huge as far as scrapping is concerned for me. I have really got into it in a huge way - lots of LO's plus other projects, entering comps including Cybercrops AND being lucky enough to win with some of my LO's, plus all the online stuff I've been involved in. Making online friends has been such a blessing too and it's wonderful sharing our passion for creating.

Speaking of CC's, I got 2 of the 3 challenges done last w/end for Scrapbooking Top 50 CC. Here's my efforts ...

First LO is for challenge 2 (yes, you read correctly) which was a sketch challenge and the second LO is for challenge 1 (confused? me too) where the forum members set the criteria - 2 different sized photos, paint, ribbon (my idea ... hehehe).

Onto family stuff ... well, the kids had a blast on Monday. Playgroup went to Rascals play centre over at Parkes. My kids just ran straight on in and played hard all morning. DS (15 months) bowled on in with the bigger kids without any dramas, climbing up and down, launching himself down the slides, diving into the ball pits. You name it, he was in it.
I managed to poke a bit of food and drink in their mouths to keep them going and when we left, DS fell asleep in the stroller straight away but DD was happy to follow me around for a bit of shopping. I spoilt her though and let her choose a few things from The Warehouse including a $10 hobby horse - plush head complete with bridle and reigns PLUS if you press its ear, it does the whole clip clop, neigh and "hhmmpp" thing. Cute. It's been a real hit though so it's $10 well spent.

On Tuesday morning DS woke up grumpy and we discovered on changing his nappy that his poor little doodle was infected. Up the hospital we went because it was really distressing him. The Dr prescribed antibiotics but he got worse throughout the day (we were all out in Orange for lunch, organising new mobile phones, getting some fruit & veg etc) so I took him back to the Dr when we got home and he gave him a shot of different antibiotics. He finally perked up about 3:30am this morning (NOT the best time) and I took him back to the Dr again this morning for the second shot but he's on the mend now thank goodness. It looks so sore, poor little fellow.
So today we've just had a quiet day at home and I caught up on folding washing and managed a little scrapping too.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

I hate daylight saving

Sorry, but I do. It's annoying. It puts the kids out, not to mention me and DH hates it too. Farmers and other such workers dont work to a clock, 5pm is not knock off time. They work from sun up to sun down (and in busy times from morning dark to night time dark LOL). Now I'm not silly enough to say that they work another hour because of daylight saving (you know like the faded curtains) but in some ways they actually do.
DH always complains that if he's got a break down on a machine in the paddock, and it's still broad daylight, he slips into town to get a part or whatever only to find when he gets there they're all shut cos it's 7:30pm or something. Ok, so he should look at the clock first but that's just not the way he works.
It also means that dinner and the whole evening routine is later because the kids are still playing at 6:30pm (eg. it's 6pm ATM and I haven't even started dinner and the kids are outside playing). Getting them to bed is a hassle cos it's light, and with DH not being home til later we dont get to eat as a family very often either.
Shall I go on ... nah, sorry to rant.

Ok, onto other matters.

You will all be pleased to know my toe is slowly getting better. Bruising is almost all gone although if I bump it the wrong way, oh boy, does it hurt. Must have broken a tiny bone somewhere inside where the toe joins the main part of the foot IYKWIM.

And some good news, I won again at the Divas CC the other w'end. It was for challenge 3 so I'm doing the happy dance with a $15 voucher to spend on MORE goodies.

And you must check out Michelle's shop over at Divas cos she's just added some very yummy new goodies. I've got my eye on some stamps and overlays.

No LO's to share this post although I've done some. Just haven't got myself organised to upload them yet. But I've also been cleaning and sorting out my scrapping stash and space over the last 2 days (hayfever has held up the process - I just couldn't continue with streaming nose and eyes and constant itching and sneezing). I'm hoping (???) to set things up in the office so we can actually use our dining table for its intended purpose. We'll see ...

Anyway, off to get dinner organised (and check the kids).

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Think Pink ...

... for Breast Cancer Awareness. This campaign seems to have the biggest and best coverage this year more than before, so it seems to me anyway. Even "The Land" rural newspaper has gone pink.
Tupperware (did I mention I am a Tupperware demonstrator) supports the Breast Cancer Foundation through the sale of their pink enviro bags (just $2) and for the month of October the pink sports bottles ($26.95).
I am truly astounded by the statistics of how many women are diagnosed with BC and even more so how young so many are. It's really scary and I'm guilty of thinking it will never happen to me but on the more positive side, at least treatments are quite successful these days. I understand the vital importance of early detection, and yes, I do check my breasts regularly.
Now on to scrapping ... still with a PINK theme.
This month's Diva's Cybercrop was held earlier to coincide with Pink Ribbon day and all the challenges had a pink theme.

#1 - to use numbers (oh, I dont think we needed pink here) ...

#2 - to use at least 5 different pink things not including pink c/stock or pink pp and the title to be inspired by a song ...

#3 - journalling - lots of it in our own handwriting about something/someone or an event etc that has changed our lives, for better or for worse. Can include one 6x4 photo ...

Diva Vicky also set an extra challenge ... a pink bra challenge ... to create a poppet wearing a pink bra. There's some really awesome poppets in the Diva's gallery so far. I started mine and was going ok til I couldn't find a pic of my face/head that was suitable and then my black ink cartridge isn't working (empty) so I cant print anything either. The CC is running til midnight tomorrow though so I'll see if I can get one printed at my MIL's. I've never made one but always been intrigued by them. Funny, quirky little fun things.
In other news ... oh, I've injured my little toe on my left foot. Wanna see ...

Nice bruise 'eh. Hurt like buggery when I did it (kicked it on the highchair) and it's been aching a bit but I'll live. I think the bruising is already starting to fade (now about 30 hrs later) so that's good.
Well, there's washing to come off the line and dinner to prepare - duty calls so til next time ... THINK PINK!!!

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Pay it forward

I saw this on Diva Vicky's and Diva Jode's blogs weeks ago (and they've read it on other people's blogs who've read it on other people's blogs ... you get the idea).

So to pay it forward the first 3 people who comment on my blog receive a lovely little RAK of scrapping goodies and they in turn post on their blog and offer a RAK to the first 3 who comment there etc etc etc.

Clear as mud? Good-oh!!! Leave me a comment and there'll be some goodies headed your way.

Now to share some piccies ...

Here is the GORGEOUS scrapping apron Diva Rach made just for me - she was my Secret Santa for the Divas Christmas in July swap we had. Isn't is just the most stunning creation, I am so lucky and I love wearing it, makes me feel like creating. Thank you my sweet friend. Love ya.

And here's my LO's from the last Divas Cybercrop (end of Sept).

The last LO of Ciaran asleep (head down, bum up - so cute) was done in an hour for our speed scrap sessions on Sunday afternoons with a sketch as a guide. It was meant to be for challenge 3 but I only had 1 transparency and it didn't suit but I like what I came up with anyway.

Ok, what else have I got to share??? More pics ...

For some reason I felt like taking pics of the kids rooms one day - my SIL commented recently how lovely they look and I guess when you see them every day you dont really notice.
They've both got Wall Buddies images (flowers and butterflies for DD and a red tractor - what else! - and some cars for DS). My Mum made Caitlin's curtains and matching cushions from fabric I had chosen, and Ciaran has the Pooh Bear curtains Mum also made for the nursery before Caitlin was born.

Anyway, dont forget to leave me a comment if you'd like a little scrapping RAK.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Spring has sprung

Slack blogger once again. Apologies ...

Ok, first up I'll post all the pics of DD's 3rd b'day celebrations.

I made Caitlin's b'day cake to have at playgroup the day before her actual b'day and took some party food so she could celebrate with some little people. Pink is "THE" colour if you cant guess! The stove/cooking set was a hit and she serves up all sorts of dishes. Great imaginary play. On her actual b'day she opened presents then we rushed out the door to a Women In Agriculture forum where I was on a "panel" responding to questions about Women In Ag (we'd been given them a week before) to help promote discussion about various issues we face. The kids had to come with me and although they were not naughty, they didn't just sit and play quietly, they kept popping up and down. I didn't get to participate fully and enjoy the forum more because I was so conscious of keeping the kids quiet and content. None of the other women minded though and even helped with them which was good. Then I had to take both kids to the Dr after the meeting because they were both sick so by the time I got home I was exhausted.

The day after her b'day the kids went to day care as usual but Caitlin came home miserable and with a raging temperature so she went downhill pretty quick and didn't even eat her second b'day cake, a strawberry sponge (she had asked for a strawberry cake so this was the best I could do). My in-laws had returned home that day from a 3 week caravan touring holiday so all the family gathered for dinner at our place that night. At least she looked happy enough in the piccies although she didn't even want to eat a piece of cake.

Here endeth the saga of a 3 year old's b'day celebrations!!!

Now on to scrapping. I mentioned last post that I completed all 3 challenges for the Divas August Cyber Crop but I only posted a pic of1 LO. Here's the other 2 ...

The w/end after Divas CC I joined up and participated in Scrapbooking Top 50 CC - Michelle from Divas was sponsoring the CC so I thought I'd join her and some of the other Diva girls over there. We had some great challenges although I only managed to complete 1 for the w/end. Here it is ...

This LO was done using a sketch as the basis although mine ended up quite a bit different. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind but I'm quite pleased with the result and when I showed a few of the Mums at playgroup they loved it. I was also asking them which LO's I should enter for the (Canowindra) show this year and they said definitely this one - which I did, together with the Wyangala Dam in Drought LO (last post) and the Snuggle LO (big pic of DD with BG pp and HS ghost alphas). Well, I got a "highly commended" for the above LO but the stewards didn't pull out my other 2 LO's from the plastic sleeve I had them in, despite having their entry tickets firmly and clearly attached. Gggrrrrrr ...

Anyway, at least I entered. Oh, I also entered a bottle of tomato relish (I made 3 batches in Jan/Feb this year) and got 2nd for it.

Talking about the show, my friend and I had a Tupperware display too and although we didn't make many sales, we've got some party bookings which is great. So after "manning" the stand for 2 days (and had the kids with me for most of it) I was stuffed.
My parents arrived that afternoon and met us at the show so after taking the kids, well mainly Caitlin, on a few rides (and by this time she'd been on the "coffees" i.e. tea cups LOL and the jumping castle and giant slide countless times) I packed up and we headed home.
I'll post details another time of the lovely fortnight we've had with my parents here.
Ciao for now everyone ...

Friday, 7 September 2007

Slack Blogger

So I know it's been a long time since I posted. Sorry to anyone who's dropped in here. So here's some updates.

First up is some advertising (plugs) :

Check out Scrapbook Divas for further info.

Followed by some tags :

The lovely Megan tagged me on her blog ages ago with this cute little "thing". Thanks my friend.

So if you're reading this and haven't already got this, consider yourself TAGGED!!!

And this one is from the lovely and talented Diva Vicky. Thanks to you too my friend.
Once again, if you're reading this, consider yourself TAGGED!!!

So what else has been going on. My goodness, it's been over a month since I last posted.

I haven't done much scrapping although I did manage all 3 challenges for Diva's Cybercrop last month AND won a $20 voucher for this LO.

This was a challenge set by the forum members and in keeping with the travel theme - we had to use a map or map pp on the LO (I printed one on vellum from the net), 3 or more different alphas and 4 or more photos.

These pics are of Wyangala Dam, which is about an hours drive from us, taken in April this year when the dam was only about 3% (capacity), basically almost back to the original river. The effects of the drought are clearly visible here.

I'll post my other LO's another time cos right now I should be scrapping (got some recipe cards to do for swaps) and the kids have just woken up from their naps ...

Oh, and next post will have pics and details of DD's 3rd b'day celebration earlier this week.

Bye for now ...

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Lots of Piccies

Sorry to the handful of lovely folk who do read my ramblings for not having posted for some time. You know how it is ... anyway, I've been doing a bit of scrapping here and there so here's some pics.

I've been doing Diva Rach's Tuesday Challenges (4/5 completed so far) - she's been giving us a Becky Fleck sketch each week and we're doing a mini album. The LO's are only 5.5" x 5.5" and this mega talented girl also did an online class on making a faux paper bag album for the LO's. I've yet to make mine though.

I've also been doing lots of mail art for a swap on Divas. Here's my creations ...

I've received some stunning mail art in return too (sorry, no pics at the moment). It really is happy mail. I wonder what the postman has thought ...

And speaking of happy mail I got the first round of recipe cards (June) back too from the great group of girls in the recipe card swap over at Scrapboxx. They're all lovely. Have been wanting to try some of the recipes out but so far the days have slipped away from me.
Need more pics yet ... here's a LO I completed a little while ago now but haven't posted on here. I made the ribbon flowers by hand. They look pretty good if I may say so myself. The next one was for a Diva's challenge using a monochromatic colour scheme. I dont mind this LO especially considering I'd never done something like that before. Lastly, there's a LO I just did on the w/end for the Diva's latest CC. I only got 1 of the 3 challenges done unfortunately, partly because I came down with the flu on Friday (and went to bed, missing the CC start and all the chat and bingo - as DH said, I must have been crook to miss scrapping), and partly because it was Ciaran's 1st b'day so there was things to prepare for the little party at home on Sunday.

And lastly in this post, as I mentioned it was our darling baby boy's first birthday (29th July). WOW where has the last year gone. I'm sure it's flown by even quicker than with Caitlin's first year. Ciaran is such a little boy, the baby disappeared so fast with him. He is just constantly on the go and is already climbing up on chairs, jumping on the trampoline, riding a little car (pushing with his feet) and loves getting in the sandpit and having a swing with his sister. He's also very quick to spy Daddy's or Pa's ute or tractor and is always upset if they leave without him. There's no doubting he's a farm boy. Anyway, here's some happy snaps from his little party on the w/end to finish with.