Sunday, 30 March 2008

Autumn Update

Where did March go? I've been working 2 days a week which really messes up my week. My routine is totally out the window and I cant seem to get into the swing of things. I spend my time catching up on stuff or so it feels - catching up with people, catching up with housework, catching up with other household stuff.
But there's probably only a few more weeks of work left and I've actually enjoyed it. The money has been very handy so I shouldn't complain now should I.
Easter has been and gone - I cannot believe there were Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs appearing in the shops in January!!! Does anyone buy them that early? I got 2 little choccy rabbits for our kids but haven't given them to them because they got enough chocolate from everyone else. Nanny also gave them PJ's and a ceramic "animal" egg cup so that was good.

We were at my parent's place in Brisbane for 5 days over the Easter weekend - my Dad bought some Crunchie and Caramello eggs and hid them round the house for the kids to find on Sunday morning, complete with basket in hand! Mum said she took photos but I forgot to get a copy.
DH and I weren't there on Easter Sunday morning because I surprised him with a night the Marriot Hotel for our 5th wedding anniversary. (We stayed here for our first 2 nights after our wedding.) As far as he knew we were just going out for dinner with my best friend but I told him mid afternoon on Saturday I wanted to take him for a drive to show him something ... and lo and behold, we arrived at the Marriot. Valet parking, champagne & choccies in the room, a gorgeous view of both the city and river plus the full buffet breakfast the next morning. Oh, and a comfy king size bed!

It wasn't the most relaxing holiday though because my parents are moving house so we helped with a lot of packing (and throwing out!) and moving things downstairs for their garage sale. They've got movers doing all the moving for them but they're doing all the packing themselves.

I did however take my Dad and the kids down to Wynnum for a play and fish & chips for lunch which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Ciaran was particularly taken with my Dad - Grandad. It was gorgeous to see them interract.
So we've been home a week now and today, finally, I feel like I'm getting on top of things around the house. I finally sorted the kids clothes (packed away the stuff that's too small to give to friends or Vinnies and sorted through new stuff and bag after bag of hand-me-downs - no complaints about the h-m-d cos it sure saves a HEAP of $$$) and tidied up generally around the place and FINALLY started on the massive pile of ironing that is the bane of my existance.
And I also got some scrapping done, both today, and over the weekend - it feels so good to get into it again.
In my last post I mentioned Rach's online class at Divas which was AWESOME. Thanks again my gorgeous friend Rach, it was a terrific class. I've even made up a second "LO" today and am just waiting on my pics so I can complete both, then I can show you LOL.
It was also Divas CC last w/end - some great challenges and as usual lots of chat and good fun.
Here's my efforts (I only got 2 done) ...
Obviously the CC theme was "FRENDS" - the first LO is my DH with his best mate since childhoo, Tim (also pictured with his wife, my best mate, Kirsty). The second LO is my best friend Tanya and I at the Keith Urban concert in Brisbane in May 2007. It's based on a sketch from pencillines.
That's all for now folks ... stay tuned for the next instalment!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Happy Birthday Scrapbook Divas

This is my second home ...

Check out the bright and funky new-look site and celebrate the great new image and Diva's second birthday with a huge sale PLUS prizes up for grabs. Hurry though cos stock is going fast. Who can resist a sale 'eh ... I cant cos I've already stocked up AGAIN LOL.

And mark Monday 31st March on your calendar for Diva Rach's multiphoto online class. I was lucky enough to see this project IRL so believe me, it's really worth doing.

You can purchase a kit and class spot, or class spot only through the shop.

Now for another plug - a new site I love checking out Funkstreet Designs

Isn't this the cutest pack? If you dont want it all, Cham and Kars (who run Funkstreet) are offering split packs as well. Check out their site for other packs and upcoming classes and lots of other goodies.

And speaking of Easter, I am planning on making some marshmallow bunnies and maybe even some chocolate ones for the kids. Not buying any eggs etc this year because I found these gorgeous little molds that reminded me of the marshmallow bunnies my grandmother used to make for us every year.

I think I'll do an Easter craft at playgroup on Monday too - just a head band with some bunny ears decorated and stapled on perhaps and an egg hunt. I dont think anything else has been organised and I'm sure no one will mind me jumping in.

And finally here's my very hurried take on the Diva's challenge for Feb/March - an inanimate
object ... as you can see I had another go at a half map. It's ok, certainly not a brilliant LO by any means but I wanted to at least have a go.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

I've been tagged

... by my beautiful friend Mel ... so here goes.

First, the rules -
A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 3 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 Years Ago: I was a "claims executive" for a Brisbane insurance broker where we worked hard and played hard. I often worked 10-12 hour days AND worked on w/ends. Looking back now that was pretty stupid, especially as I was only 20 y.o.! But that's how it was done in that company ... thank god I moved on.

Things on my to-do list today: I'll give you tomorrow's list - apart from the usual morning routine, we're off to playgroup, home for a quick bite of lunch, off to town for my waxing appointment and to do a few errands down the street, home again to fold washing, iron, prepare dinner and do the usual dinner/bath/bed battle with the kids.

What I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire: after I had fainted ... I would put it into our farm, share some with our families, donate some to various charities, buy a HEAP of scrapping goodies ... and invest the rest.

3 of my bad habits: only 3? well, to start with I'm a terrible procrastinator, I am not at all proud of my temper, and I never drink enough water.

3 places I have lived: Brisbane, London, Canowindra.

5 jobs that I have had: Target chick, claims executive for insurance broker, claims team manager, claims temp in London, loss adjuster (insurance assessor) ... oh, and of course I'm a MUM.

5 things people dont know about me: I hate having my photo taken. I absolutely HATE bananas and anything to do with them. I never wanted children, until I met my DH. My sunnies are prescription lenses. I used to be a (girl) guide AND a guide leader.

I tag ... Moira, Jess and Jode!!!

So in other news, check out the new-look SCRAPBOOK DIVAS site. Isn't it gorgeous. Love to see you there for a chat ...

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

This one time at Scrap Camp ...

Well, the Divas retreat has been and gone (sob) but what a BLAST I had on the w/end of 22-24 Feb at Myuna Bay. Cant wait for the next one ...
I haven't got time ATM to post all the goss and details but here's some pics for you.

The Divas forum girls and me with my beautiful friends Michelle & Vicky.
M & V - I was so excited to finally meet you both. You have become very, very dear friends to me and it was such a joy to finally meet you IRL. You're both shorter than I expected LOL (sorry) but wow, such fun and spirited women. I love you both.
Here's the super talented Jen Hall with me (right) and my scrapping buddy Janelle and the canvas I created from Jen's awesome class.
The 5 crazies from the sticks ... me with the 4 girls I dragged along (LOL, just kidding) from Canowindra - what a blast of a w/end we had. Not much scrapping but PLENTY of laughter.
And the other pic is my best mate Kirsty in the middle of Jen's canvas class - truly fabulous work for a gal who DOESNT scrap!!! There's potential, that's for sure ...
Thanks heaps my gorgeous friends for agreeing to come to the retreat, putting up with me and my scrapping obsession but also for all the laughs and fun we had. I had the BEST time with you all.

This is my acrylic album from Vicky's retreat class - used Kaiser d/s pp's - love 'em, they're just awesome to work with especially in the acrylic album.
I did actually manage to scrap at the retreat ... these 2 LO's actually plus I completed the 2 classes so I think I did ok. Oh, plus I did lots of shopping, stocking up on all the goodies from Michelle.

Thanks for checking out my little blog ... dont forget to leave me a comment please.
More news later ... H.