Sunday, 7 October 2007

Pay it forward

I saw this on Diva Vicky's and Diva Jode's blogs weeks ago (and they've read it on other people's blogs who've read it on other people's blogs ... you get the idea).

So to pay it forward the first 3 people who comment on my blog receive a lovely little RAK of scrapping goodies and they in turn post on their blog and offer a RAK to the first 3 who comment there etc etc etc.

Clear as mud? Good-oh!!! Leave me a comment and there'll be some goodies headed your way.

Now to share some piccies ...

Here is the GORGEOUS scrapping apron Diva Rach made just for me - she was my Secret Santa for the Divas Christmas in July swap we had. Isn't is just the most stunning creation, I am so lucky and I love wearing it, makes me feel like creating. Thank you my sweet friend. Love ya.

And here's my LO's from the last Divas Cybercrop (end of Sept).

The last LO of Ciaran asleep (head down, bum up - so cute) was done in an hour for our speed scrap sessions on Sunday afternoons with a sketch as a guide. It was meant to be for challenge 3 but I only had 1 transparency and it didn't suit but I like what I came up with anyway.

Ok, what else have I got to share??? More pics ...

For some reason I felt like taking pics of the kids rooms one day - my SIL commented recently how lovely they look and I guess when you see them every day you dont really notice.
They've both got Wall Buddies images (flowers and butterflies for DD and a red tractor - what else! - and some cars for DS). My Mum made Caitlin's curtains and matching cushions from fabric I had chosen, and Ciaran has the Pooh Bear curtains Mum also made for the nursery before Caitlin was born.

Anyway, dont forget to leave me a comment if you'd like a little scrapping RAK.


Moira said...

Holy Crap Helen, these LO's are gorgeous! Am so scraplifing the lot of them! Love, love, love the simplicity of the Trevi Fountain LO, and the wedding/flower LO is gorgeous. just tried doing a giant flower diecut but it just didn't come together the way it looked in my head. Very frustrating. Still looks ok but I'm not as thrilled with it as I wanted to be... Anyway, now I'm going to have to 'tag' some more people, although as I'm a nigel no-mates on my blog, I suspect you'll end up recieving some goddies back from me! BTW what exactly is RAK and what do I need to send on to people?? :-) Hugs, Moi

Anonymous said...

love the APRON!!!
and LO are just stunning as always!!!


Lynette vB said...

ohhh.... "first three people"??? Does that mean MWA??? oooohhh goodie!!!!

When you said Trevi fountain, I immediately thought of that cheap white sparkly that my MIL drinks at family gatherings and I thought "Yay! goodie! a champagne fountain... imagine my surprise at my own lack of sophiscated 'worldliness' when I became aware that its an historical piece of architecture/concrete/landmark/thingy??? what's the word I'm looking for???... I'm soooo pre-menopausal...

Love that apron!

Oh! and Hi Helen!! =D

TribeRingers said...

Great LO there Helen, so effective. Well done. And what a cool secret santa gift.
Hope you and yours are well - see you around 'Divas' ;)