Thursday, 12 March 2009

Divas Treasure Hunt ... clues here

Hiya Divas, how are you all going with the Crazy Cropping this week? Isn't it great? Lots of fun, lots of chat and wonderful projects from Rach, Mel & Amanda.

3 cheers to the girls and another 3 cheers to Head Diva Michelle too :)

I hope you are all keeping your points tally for the Forum Points Competition too. There are some awesome prizes on offer for this competition - dont worry if you've lost track, Michelle is keeping a spread sheet too.

So, on to tonight's treasure hunt ... here's your clue.

Follow the link HERE ...

Good luck girls and happy hunting :)

1 comment:

TribeRingers said...

Thanks for all your help this week at the birthday celebrations.

I'm off again to check out the treasure hunt - great job on that.:)

Hope your weekend was great!