Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Family photos

Our baby turned 5 recently. OMG can you believe it??? Here she is at her "Butterflies & Fairies" party, complete with pricess dress and bling LOL (oh, and the obligatory tomato sauce around her mouth).

The cake is my attempt at a fairy's house, kind of like a toadstool I guess. It's from the WW Kids Cake book. I had to borrow some pudding basins from my lovely neighbour and it was a little on the wobbly side but the birthday girl was happy with it.

And here's a Fathers Day snap I managed with 3 unco-operative males ... FIL, son and DH.

As for scrapping I do have quite a few things to share ... NEXT TIME hehehe ... !!!


Rachael said...

OMG how did she get to be so grown up??? Love the tom sauce ;)

GREAT cake, I'm too scared to try that one LOL

amanda said...

Cake looks so like a fairy's house - I bet little miss had a great birthday party