Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lots of pics for you

Ok, so today's pics & news first ... it's been raining ... AND raining ... over 6 inches in the last 10 days actually so we're happy little farmers here ATM.

These pics I took earlier today when we went for a drive around the area to see creeks and rivers running.

It wasn't long ago I took a photo looking in the same direction (NW) as this one except it was a dust storm rolling in. This picture today is a sheet of rain coming in. Oh and notice the green!

This photo is looking up our driveway - there's water flowing over it from the paddocks in afew places, not too deep, but just indicating that the paddocks cant soak up any more, at least not keeping up with the amount of rainfall.

This dam is full, almost overflowing in fact because the water running into it cant go anywhere else now than over and out. But that's ok ...

This is showing the water running into it from the paddocks up behind. Actually our paddocks are to the left and behind me, what you see over that fence is our neighbour's.

So that's all the excitement around here on Valentine's Day LOL.
Onto other news ... 2 weeks ago our daughter Caitlin started school. Here she is on her very first day of Kindergarten, we are so proud of her. She went off without any dramas and has been pretty good about the whole school "thing" in general. So grown up ... sigh ...

And on a creative note ... here's some LO's I've created using some yummy new stuff in the Divas Shop - "Bright Day" from an Australian Company, Paper Inklings.
I must say I'm not a fan of purple, or lilac or anything like that, but I really loved working with this range and was so surprised at how the pages turned out.

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Melleny Ams said...

That is fabulous news. Look at all that lovely green grass. OMG look at you girl, she look so big. Your layouts are just gorgeous.