Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I know I am married - happily - to the love of my life, my soul mate, my everything - MARTY - but ... OMG Keith Urban sets my heart all a flutter too LOL.

We (the family - hubby and both kids) went to his Sydney concert on Thursday 14th April and here's just a few pics I took on the night having smuggled my DSLR in my handbag (sadly not the big lens but I am so glad I did take the camera because they didn't have a souvenir program).

First up was the awesome group Lady Antebellum and wow, do they have a fantastic sound and great songs.

Then it was the great man himself, my Keith ... LOL, I'm sounding a little obssessed dont you think, whoops. But really, honestly, truly, it is his music, his musicianship, his musicality that I love and admire and respect. The music he creates and how he delivers each song, each performance, is something that makes my heart sing and stirs the soul. Plus he's pretty hot!!!

And look how close he got ... he came up our side of the arena and I skipped down the stairs from where we were sitting to get these pics, he was just metres from me ... bless his sweaty cotton shirt, he was just so wonderful.

So that was Thursday night in Sydney. On Friday we wandered around Darling Harbour and the kids and I went to the Aquarium while Marty went over to the Maritime Museum. After a late lunch we headed out to Parramatta (OMG I dont know how people live in the city, honestly, the traffic on that relativly short drive drove us totally NUTS and it probably wasn't what a local would call busy) and did a bit of shopping before checking into our hotel there. On Saturday we went to the Royal Easter Show - it poured rain almost the whole day but thankfully I packed rain coats for the kids and we had umbrellas so we were actually pretty dry and warm and had a fabulous, fun, interesting day.

The kids had their first Merry-Go-Round ride ...

And first Ferris Wheel ride ... thankfully this was a very modern one, fully enclosed and even air conditioned which, considering it bucketed down while we were on it, was very nice indeed compared to the old fashioned one.

They had ice creams, fairy floss and got a show bag each and the night finished with a great fireworks and laser display.

So that was our school holiday get-away and now we're just hanging out at home for the rest of the holidays and Marty is getting ready to start sowing this year's crop - the oats are in, the barley is going in and shortly we'll get stuck into the canola then all the wheat.

I have lots of Red Earth Scrapping "work" to do plus I am desperate to get some creating done for myself too. I'll be back with some of that next time.
See you then :-)


Kate said...

fabulous helen you have inspired me to blog about my cyndi lauper concert now!! not in the same league of spunkiness as keith of course but she is one hell of a chick!!
love the easter show pics, surprised to see they have seat belts on the carousel nowadays?!! xox

Susanne Perry said...

What a fantastic getaway you had, great photos too. Looking forward to seeing some of them scrapped very soon. xx