Monday, 1 August 2011

Happy Birthday to RES!

Can you believe it? Red Earth Scrapping is one year old!!!
WOW, how exciting to have come this far in the journey ... here's to many more years of sharing this fabulous craft with my special RES members.
Make sure you check the forum for details of the various birthday celebrations happening throughout the month.

Speaking of birthdays, we just celebrated Ciaran's 5th birthday here on the 29th July ...

We had a quiet day at home and I made his cake request, the "Huff & Puff" Dragon from the good ol' WW Birthday Cake book then our friends joined us for dinner (spaghetti bol was the birthday boy's request). On Saturday we surprised him with more birthday celebrations, a family day out to see Cars 2 at the movies (his very first time to the movies actually) ...

and then had lunch at the Hogs Breath Cafe, followed by a quick bit of shopping and then a lazy night at home watching the original Cars movie.

On Sunday we spent the day riding motorbikes around our farm with friends having a fabulous, fun time. We are so proud of Ciaran finally mastering riding the PeeWee 50 all by himself.

He'd been busting to get going on the motorbikes himself but our little 50cc has a bigger frame than others so he couldn't quite get the hang of it comfortably so we used our friends' and he got it. He rode around the yard (grass) first then was so confident he roared up and down the driveway with the other kids. He was actually a little too confident and we had just finished saying so when he had a great big stack! Minor injury to him and the bike but all ok and he doesn't seem frightened off so he'll be back riding as soon as he can I'm sure.

The other stack of the day was from yours truly (sorry, no photos but it would have been a winner on Funny Home Videos for sure) ... I was on the PW50 and didn't corner too well so the bike went one way and I went the other with an impressive swan dive and face plant. A few pretty bruises on my knees and a little embarassed but otherwise I'm ok LOL.

So I know it's another post with no scrapping but these new photos will be scrapped as soon as I get a chance (the mojo is always good when there's fresh material to work with) ... and next time I will have some very happy scrappy news to share. See you then ...


Kate said...

great photos Helen and I love the cake!! nice job!! xo

spikeyjen said...

Congratulations on your 1st RES birthday. Its a lovely little forum and you should be very proud of yourself.
Happy birthday to Ciaran too.