Friday, 16 September 2011


Just what the Dr ordered ... a girls weekend away SCRAPPING!!! Ahhh, bliss ... I could have stayed at least another day, I was really finding my scrappy groove and having a wonderful time with my special, dear friends, Michelle and Natalie. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

But here's some pics of what I managed to create on the weekend at Wisemans Ferry. Actually did 7 LO's but 2 I cant show you yet cos they're for the Stuck?! October sketches. I also did 2 mini albums will share them another time (if I remember LOL).

Yes I know the pic is missing from the LO above ... I haven't yet printed it but it's a pic of Ciaran when he learnt to ride the PW50 all by himself (and has been going great since).

Cant wait for next year's retreat ... Marty even said I should go every year, maybe even twice LOL, but only so he can get "points" for his boys/motorbike weekend away. Not that I'd ever stop him but hey, if he says I can go to a scrappy retreat each year then I'm there!!!

Oh one last photo which I know Michelle and Nat wont like but hey, I think it's cute and besides, I already put it on FB.


Mistra Hoolahan said...

Great LO's!! So glad you had a wonderful time... retreats are really the best things, all that GIRL time!! Love the scrappy mess on the tables, looks like lots of fun was had!!

Mis xo

spikeyjen said...

Its nice to see you get away and have a good time. The results are wonderful and the hats are pretty funny!!

Liz Weber said...

Woohoo look at all those gorgeous layouts, I love them all Helen. So glad you got some girly time with your special friends, so very well deserved.