Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Feeling "blah" ...

I spent last Thursday afternoon in bed ... with my husband ... both as sick as dogs !!! If we weren't so sick it would have been funny. We both had the "poos and spews", a 24 hour bug that left us feeling like we'd been hit by a truck (and a road train at that)!

DH rang me mid morning to ask if Caitlin was ok. "She's fine. Why?" I answered and then DH told me he'd just run up the paddock for a sh*t and on the way back to the ute had an almighty spew (and he never spews) and was still feeling pretty bad. He wondered if the peanut butter he and Caitlin had on their toast for breakfast was off or something. I had been starting to feel crook in the guts too but had been having horrible thoughts that it might be morning sickness (I highly doubted I would actually be pregnant but I still panicked, it's the last thing I want) so when DH said he was crook it explained why I felt off too - and I didn't have any peanut butter. By the time DH came home I had started throwing up and running to the loo.

And so we spent the afternoon sleeping and taking turns running to the bathroom. We managed to ship the kids off to MIL for a few hours but DD was feral and kept wanting to come home. Late in the afternoon though she suddenly threw up ... everywhere ... so the poor mite was down for the count too with Mummy and Daddy. MIL brought the kids home and stayed the night to help us out however she started feeling crook too.

Thankfully DH and I had stopped throwing up by the time we went to bed and when DS woke for a feed around 11pm I was able to get up to him feeling slightly better. Unfortunately he was unsettled all night so between MIL, DH and myself we didn't get a lot of sleep.

On Friday DH dragged himself off to work because overnight BIL and FIL had come down with it as well. We were all dropping like flies! Thankfully we all seem to be over it now but it sure knocked us about.

Apparently a lot of the playgroup families had it last week (maybe we picked it up there) and there's also reports of it going around town. At least it was only a 24 hour bug and I didn't have it for days and end up in hospital.

So on Friday and Saturday I had to catch up with housework and washing and I planned a quiet w/end leaving plenty of time to scrap for the Diva's CC. I managed to join some chat and bingo on Friday night but didn't get any scrapping done til Saturday arvo and I struggled all evening to finish my LO for challenge 1 - white c/s, blue pp and handstitching. I really wanted to scrap but the creative juices weren't flowing because I was still feeling weary and lethargic after being sick. It was no better on Sunday so I helped DD with her kids challenge entry (see below) and just gave up. Oh, and to top it off, when I went to upload my challenge 1 LO I suddenly realised I had completely forgotten to put handstitching on it and with little time I couldn't be bothered. Bad attitude I know but that's how I felt.

Here's DD's efforts ... yes, Mummy did help with a little but the whole creation is Caitlin's.

On another note ... DS Ciaran is WALKING !!! Yes, on the 18th to be precise he started taking proper steps and now he's off. He's been on his feet cruising the furniture etc for months and we knew he'd walk early but he's done it before 10 months (actually he's 10 months old today) so here he is on his pins just this morning.

So, that's all my musings for now. Might post a pic of the LO I did on the w/end but never submitted in the CC and see what you think. Off to play with the kids now (The Wiggles DVD can only entertain for so long).

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