Sunday, 3 June 2007

On a roll ...

I must admit I haven't been the most pleasant person to be around this week. And I've been feeling really down about myself and struggling to cope with all the trials and tribulations motherhood brings.

However, on the other hand I have had real enjoyment from scrapping this week (pushed the guilty feelings aside that I should be doing stuff around the house) and completed 3 LO's. That's pretty impressive for a slow old scrapper like me.

And, despite the frustrations with kids, I had plenty to laugh and smile about with them, like Ciaran walking - getting better and going further every day. He's really got a development spur on lately not only physically but mentally too. He was off and walking before 10 months, he's mastered waving and clapping too as well as hide and seek - he puts something over his head then pulls it down and giggles like mad. He's also into wrestling with his sister - god help me when they're bigger!

Caitlin and I are each so stubborn and headstrong ... I dread the teenage years if I dont learn to chill ... but she's been doing lots of imaginitive play lately, like cooking and serving, feeding her doll and teddy, wrapping them and putting them to bed complete with dummy, taking them to the doctor cos their sick etc. In many ways she's so mature for her age, yet she's still a typical 2 year old at times.
Last night when I put her to bed she said "I love you Mummy" all of her own accord. It's not the first time but was just lovely, especially considering we'd had a few clashes earlier in the day.

DH and co are going well getting the crop in. He's pulled 3 really late ones now but (aside from a few breakdowns) it's all going well and I know he feels good working hard and being busy. This time last year we hadn't had any rain and were umming and ahhing about dry sowing. At the last minute we had a bit of rain but it was all but a waste of time last year with almost complete crop failure.
This year we've got the best break in 5 years for sowing - there's nothing like a bit of mud to lift your spirits!

So here's my scrapping efforts from this past week ...

As you can see, 2 more LO's for Ciaran's album and something different for me is this one on the left - it's for Cyberscraps May challenge about mistakes. I couldnt' come up with a suitable LO idea for a specific mistake I'd made and learned from (that was the challenge) but I found lots of sayings about mistakes so I scrapped them.

I have been finding that participating in the challenges and cyber crops (so far only with Scrapbook Divas and Cyberscraps but have been checking out more sites and plan to join more) is making me do a lot more scrapping because the ideas are flowing faster. I dont sit there and waste so much time thinking about where to start, I find I just get in quicker because I know there's certain products or techniques I need to incorporate.

Since getting right into the whole online scrapping thing (browsing sites, joining forums, doing challenges and cyber crops) I feel I've made a whole bunch of new friends despite never meeting any in person. It's not that I doubted I would, but I'm amazed at what this craft/hobby has opened up for me.

Anyway, I need to finish up this post because the kidlets keep running in and out so we're going outside for a bit before it gets too cold. Til next time friends ...

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Janet said...

Hi Helen,

Congrats on the rain and being able to do crops.. YAY. As a country chick from the Central West I certainly know the value of a good drop of rain to lift your spirits.

Your layouts are gorgeous... and I must say that son of yours is such a cheeky little possum... look at those cheeks!! hehehe I too havea Caitlin, and if the name is anything to go by, woah.. good luck when she is a teenager! lol I am heading there now.. and I have 2 of them ( twins 13, and another daughter 9)

See you on Cyberscraps..