Thursday, 1 November 2007

I hate daylight saving

Sorry, but I do. It's annoying. It puts the kids out, not to mention me and DH hates it too. Farmers and other such workers dont work to a clock, 5pm is not knock off time. They work from sun up to sun down (and in busy times from morning dark to night time dark LOL). Now I'm not silly enough to say that they work another hour because of daylight saving (you know like the faded curtains) but in some ways they actually do.
DH always complains that if he's got a break down on a machine in the paddock, and it's still broad daylight, he slips into town to get a part or whatever only to find when he gets there they're all shut cos it's 7:30pm or something. Ok, so he should look at the clock first but that's just not the way he works.
It also means that dinner and the whole evening routine is later because the kids are still playing at 6:30pm (eg. it's 6pm ATM and I haven't even started dinner and the kids are outside playing). Getting them to bed is a hassle cos it's light, and with DH not being home til later we dont get to eat as a family very often either.
Shall I go on ... nah, sorry to rant.

Ok, onto other matters.

You will all be pleased to know my toe is slowly getting better. Bruising is almost all gone although if I bump it the wrong way, oh boy, does it hurt. Must have broken a tiny bone somewhere inside where the toe joins the main part of the foot IYKWIM.

And some good news, I won again at the Divas CC the other w'end. It was for challenge 3 so I'm doing the happy dance with a $15 voucher to spend on MORE goodies.

And you must check out Michelle's shop over at Divas cos she's just added some very yummy new goodies. I've got my eye on some stamps and overlays.

No LO's to share this post although I've done some. Just haven't got myself organised to upload them yet. But I've also been cleaning and sorting out my scrapping stash and space over the last 2 days (hayfever has held up the process - I just couldn't continue with streaming nose and eyes and constant itching and sneezing). I'm hoping (???) to set things up in the office so we can actually use our dining table for its intended purpose. We'll see ...

Anyway, off to get dinner organised (and check the kids).

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Vicky said...

Congrats on your win Helen, our valued overat Divas, and your work is so beautiful!