Wednesday, 7 November 2007


OMG, For Keeps have e-mailed me to say they want the Wyangala Dam LO for issue 64, "travel" theme. I'm just so stoked one of my LO's has been accepted. To me anyway, it's really quite a big thing to be published so I cant wait to share my excitement.

Now I need to get it posted off to them ASAP.

This year has been huge as far as scrapping is concerned for me. I have really got into it in a huge way - lots of LO's plus other projects, entering comps including Cybercrops AND being lucky enough to win with some of my LO's, plus all the online stuff I've been involved in. Making online friends has been such a blessing too and it's wonderful sharing our passion for creating.

Speaking of CC's, I got 2 of the 3 challenges done last w/end for Scrapbooking Top 50 CC. Here's my efforts ...

First LO is for challenge 2 (yes, you read correctly) which was a sketch challenge and the second LO is for challenge 1 (confused? me too) where the forum members set the criteria - 2 different sized photos, paint, ribbon (my idea ... hehehe).

Onto family stuff ... well, the kids had a blast on Monday. Playgroup went to Rascals play centre over at Parkes. My kids just ran straight on in and played hard all morning. DS (15 months) bowled on in with the bigger kids without any dramas, climbing up and down, launching himself down the slides, diving into the ball pits. You name it, he was in it.
I managed to poke a bit of food and drink in their mouths to keep them going and when we left, DS fell asleep in the stroller straight away but DD was happy to follow me around for a bit of shopping. I spoilt her though and let her choose a few things from The Warehouse including a $10 hobby horse - plush head complete with bridle and reigns PLUS if you press its ear, it does the whole clip clop, neigh and "hhmmpp" thing. Cute. It's been a real hit though so it's $10 well spent.

On Tuesday morning DS woke up grumpy and we discovered on changing his nappy that his poor little doodle was infected. Up the hospital we went because it was really distressing him. The Dr prescribed antibiotics but he got worse throughout the day (we were all out in Orange for lunch, organising new mobile phones, getting some fruit & veg etc) so I took him back to the Dr when we got home and he gave him a shot of different antibiotics. He finally perked up about 3:30am this morning (NOT the best time) and I took him back to the Dr again this morning for the second shot but he's on the mend now thank goodness. It looks so sore, poor little fellow.
So today we've just had a quiet day at home and I caught up on folding washing and managed a little scrapping too.


TribeRingers said...

OMG! OMG! Helen that is so cool about your LO being published. Congratulations and well done. Please let me know which one it's in so I can buy that one. Woohoo! MWAH!!

Your other LOs for Top 50 are great too.

The Ams Family said...

Huge Congrat's to you Helen. It is so exciting.

Big hugs to the little man, ouch! Glad to hear he is on the mend.