Thursday, 24 January 2008

Not to be ...

So the business venture I mentioned ...???... well, it's not happening. Lots of reasons but honestly it is totally ok and in some ways probably lucky we didn't go through with it. So I'll still be blogging and hanging around the forums and trying to do more scrapping.

Strangely enough though, we told the business owner this morning in person that we weren't going through with it and when I get home there's a message from my old work saying they want me for some casual days for a while. I'll probably take them up on the offer if the money's right because the extra cash will be handy.

So onto other matters ... what are you all up to this Australia Day weekend? Need an excuse to scrap? Well, dont waste a minute, get yourself over to SCRAPBOOK DIVAS for the first CyberCrop of the year - SUMMER is our theme and yours truly is the guest challenger for this month. Woohoo!!! I will be setting challenge #3 so come and check it out. As always, it's a heap of fun and there's great prizes on offer.

I'd best get back to my LO for this challenge so nighty night all.

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