Sunday, 14 September 2008

I'm baaaaack!!!

Back to blogging world after a few hectic weeks including a short family holiday down south.
Grab a cuppa ... it's gonna be a long post.
Here's some pics from our trip to Melbourne/Warrnambool/Echuca -

First up is Melbourne Aquarium with Aunty Dan :)

Then the Melbourne Zoo - fab day out here, we all loved it - highly recommended.

Whilst in Melbourne we stayed in St Kilda. I had a quick cruise up Acland Street and splurged with some very fancy (and expensive) bakery delights for dessert one night. Yum.

Marty and I also treated ourselves to a massage and facial respectively at Dan's work "Spa on Spring" while she took the kids to the aquarium ... ahhh, bliss!!! If only we could afford to do that sort of thing regularly.

We also had dinner one evening at an Italian restaurant on Lygon Street (but I cant recall the name of the restaurant now - very yummy food though).

And we explored the Queen Victoria Markets for as long as we could before the kids chucked a wobbly LOL. We were so impressed with them - the size, the variety and best of all the FRESH produce. Wow! We've never had such fresh and yummy broccoli - not something you'd usually go on about but it was delicious.
We had 2 nights at my brother's place on the western side of town and had a good look around nearby historic Williamstown.

Then we hit the Great Ocean Road ... here's the obligatory pic and a good look at the weather LOL.

Then we had 2 nights at Warrnambool which we loved - will definately have to have a good family holiday down there in the Summer, lovely place with plenty of things to do for kids/families especially.

We explored the maritime village of Flagstaff Hill and saw the "laser sound and light" show in the evening - very clever presentation of a particular shipwreck story. Kids even sat still throughout and Caitlin was asking lots of questions, figuring it all out in her little head.

We were then cutting our path home with a stop at Echuca where unfortunately we just missed getting a ride on a paddlesteamer - the kids were pretty upset, but all the more reason to visit again. We did go through the wharf area though which was interesting and got some nice piccies of the boats.

Unfortunately the holiday had to come to an end but we had a wonderful 8 days away together.

Easing back into the day to day home routine was not an option though - Caitlin's 4th birthday was the day after we got home (happy birthday my beautiful baby girl) so apart from presents, we had lunch and a play in the park with her best friend from preschool, then the family was over for dinner and a strawberry and cream sponge cake ...

The following day was preschool for DD and DS and I went shopping for groceries as well as the last party supplies ... I collected DD from preschool then baked 2 dozen cupcakes and missy's birthday cake ... then organised the kids and dropped them at Nanny & Pa's while Marty and I went to a preschool fundraiser trivia night.
Saturday afternoon was Caitlin's birthday party - 8 little girls, some craft, party food, pass the parcel (or "parcel parcel" as she calls it -cute), the cutting of the Lady Bird cake, playing ... then I cleaned up and finally ... CRASHED!!! Phew ...
Not a lot of scrapping getting done lately but I'm working on some stuff for Craft Online which I'll show you another time.
Well it's definately time for bed now that I've completed this epic post. For anyone still awake at this point THANKS for reading!!! LOL ...


Moira Coates said...

Welcome back girl, I've missed you during the silence :-) But a fabulous family holiday is definitely a good excuse! And as you can see, I'm the only insomniac crazy enough to be posting this late (or is it early) at night!! Looking forward to seeing your stuff for Craft Online - my first DT stuff for Heaven Sent goes up on October 1, so am working away at it all. No pressure to excell at all...

The Ams Family said...

Great photos Helen, looks like it was a great holiday. You have been a very busy girl. Nice to have you back

marijana said...

whooo..youre back babe!!!
missed you xxx
glad you had great holiday tho !!!!

marijana said...

whooo..youre back babe!!!
missed you xxx
glad you had great holiday tho !!!!

phatassphairy said...

looks like you had a good time ...

drawing classes melbourne said...

Wow, seems like an awesome holiday.
Great pictures!