Wednesday, 1 October 2008

7 things ...

I've been tagged by Moira (thanks honey) so here goes ...

7 things I plan to do before I die -

1. travel - anywhere I get the chance

2. have a LO published

3. get more organised LOL

4. learn (and do) patchwork

5. temper my temper ;) IYKWIM ...

6. get fit and healthy (hmmm ... time's a tickin')

7. see my children grow up happy, healthy and lead fulfilling lives which I can be a part of

7 things I do now -

1. scrap (obsessively)

2. spend way too much time on the computer (internet)

3. fly off the handle / do the crumpet way too often (not at all proud of this trait)

4. I am a S@HM and housewife

5. I love cooking and reading

6. I am finally getting out in the garden regularly and making it happen

7. go to playgroup each week

7 things I cant do -

1. knit

2. speak a foreign language

3. water ski (but DH is determined to teach me LOL)

4. drive a truck (which would probably be handy for DH sometimes but not something I'm about to do, sorry ...)

5. maths (hopeless all through school - DH will be the kids' maths homework assistant LOL)

6. lots of things ... the list is a long one

7. ditto above LOL

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex -

1. tall, dark, handsome

2. country bloke

3. rich (a nice bonus, not essential though)

4. great sense of humour

5. affectionate

6. loving and loyal

7. my darling, gorgeous husband MARTY who fits all of the above criteria (well, almost LOL)

7 things I say most often -

1. "Quick sticks" (to the kids)

2. get down (to the dog)

3. I love you (to the kids and my DH)

4. hurry up, get moving, we're late (to the kids and sometimes DH too)

5. hello (to anyone who comes round, when I answer the phone etc)

6. ???

7. ???

7 celebrities that I admire -

1. Nicole Kidman and

2. Keith Urban

3. Princess Mary

4. Brooke Shields (PND survivor)

5. there's more ...

6. who's names escape me now ...

7. ???

7 favourite foods -

1. Italian

2. Baked dinner (lamb)

3. sticky date pudding

4. seafood

5. avocado

6. fresh made chicken or ham and salad sandwich on fresh bread

7. hot chips (very naughty I know)

7 people who need to do this -

1. ummm ... anyone who is reading this!!! I'm not going to dob you in by name LOL.

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