Sunday, 5 April 2009

DUH me ...

I should have checked my last post before I added all those pics to the latest one ... and I would have seen that I'd ALREADY bored you with my LO's once, so to suffer through them twice I'm deeply sorry gals ;) ;) ;)

And thanks to the LOVELY LADIES leaving me some love, at least I know I'm not rambling entirely to myself LOL - mwah to you :)


Moira said...

Hey hon, I've been reading, I do promise! And there's no problem seeing a great LO twice, although it must be frustrating to spend all that time uploading only to find you'd done it once before :-( Now, have you got milk maid ;-) photos to share!?

Sar said...

I'm here, I'm here! Love seeing your layouts. Next time don't reduce them so much, I'd like to see them a little bigger!

Thanks for joining us over at Savvy, its been wonderful to see you there.