Saturday, 4 April 2009

Long time between posts ... I know

Sorry to anyone who actually reads this (no one's leaving me any love so I'm probably rambling to myself :( ... oh well).

But just in case there is 1 crazy soul out there reading this, here's some of my latest scrapping creations and news of what's been going on.

In mid March I did 9 afternoon milkings in a row !!! I was very tired at the end of it because of course I had to keep all the other daily chores and goings-on going but I did enjoy the work and got into the swing of milking each day rather than just 2 afternoons a week. That said (oh, and some extra money always comes in handy of course) I am so glad to be back to normal now.

We 've had our new ski boat out only twice since collecting it from Adelaide in February but have had wonderful times with it. It's wonderful to drive and brilliant to ski behind - I got up first go, no trouble (just couldn't stay up for long that's all LOL) and DH is even trying some tricks again. He seems to have forgotten though that he's a little older and "larger" than the fit young man of his 20's LOL. But hey, why not have a bit of fun.

Now onto the scrapping front, I've been doing bits and pieces here and there so here's some pics.

I used StazOn ink with these SU stamps onto milk bottle plastic then cut them out - cant claim it as my own original idea unfortunately but saw it ages ago and have wanted to do it - Amanda's "recycle" challenge during Divas Crazy Cropping was perfect for these.

Easter' only around the corner and I finally got these pics from 2 years ago scrapped. I'm nearly finished the LO from last year's Easter so that's pretty impressive.

And Diva Mel has shared some Easter projects with us too - super cute and easy. Here's my take on them ...

This LO came together from a series of 7 clues left by the Easter Bilby through the forum over at 3AS then we had to put our LO together using the instructions/items listed in the clues. It was great fun and at first I thought my LO wasn't going to come together but I'm actually quite pleased with it. AND ... to make it even better, I discovered this morning that my name was drawn out of the hat at 3AS as the winner of a goodie pack for participating in this challenge.

And finally, it was our 6th wedding anniversary on 22nd March so, from Diva Mel's instructions for making a gift cone from the Crazy Cropping Week, I made this for DH fille with licorice bullets in cellophane.

Funny story to go with it ... our anniversary was on a Sunday and we usually have bacon & eggs etc for Sunday brekky. I put the gift cone at DH's place at the table and he just moved it onto the bench without even looking at it!!! I looked at him funny and said "that's for you" and he just shrugged and said "I thought it was one of your crafty things you'd just left there by accident" LOL. Once he actually took the time to look at it properly he was very appreciative.

Anyway, that's all from me for now.

Happy Scrapping all ... :)


Melleny Ams said...

So call me a crazy soul......... but I'm listening to you!!! I still check out what you have been up to xoxo

*Mandy* said...

Yeah I'm here too checkin u out LOL