Saturday, 17 October 2009

Some more creating

Hi bloggers, nothing exciting happening in my world atm, how about yours?
School holidays finish this weekend but it hasn't really been much different around here except that DD hasn't had preschool and my day care mum has been away so the kids haven't been to day care for the last 2 Fridays. All back to normal this week though.

Last week I spent 2 days in bed, sick as a dog with a really bad dose of the flu and a chest infection. It sure knocked me around but I dragged myself to the Dr and got some antibiotics which thankfully worked quickly and I was up and about a day later. Now I'm just battling my allergies, constant sinus and itchy eyes. Fun ... not :( !!!

I've managed some creating in the last few weeks which has been good so here's a quick share ...

This first LO is for a quick little comp over at - we had to create a LO using the following "recipe" -
* 2 photos
* something from the kitchen
* recycled lettering
* journalling card

After a bit of umming and ahhing I came up with this page which I quite like actually. Used Teresa Collins pp's and journalling card, some scraps of Sassafras Lass pp, part of a Weetbix box and my recycled lettering is the outline of some BG alpha stickers I cut around. Journalling is about how Ciaran usually starts the day with Weetbix, demanding them almost the moment he's up and out of bed.

This page is for Divas monthly colour challenge set by the lovely Karen who is our Guest Design Team member for Oct/Nov/Dec. Her theme is "white & bright" so I've used the cute new Sassafras Lass range of pp's from the Divas shop.

I also created another page using more of the same pp while I was on a role.
This page is what I came up with for the Divas Chinese Whispers "challenge" we recently put up. The idea is that we create a LO using instructions "whispered" to us from the previous person, then "whisper" to the next person etc. We've now been through everyone on the list so all our LO's are revealed, and boy, are there some big differences. It was a fun and interesting challenge though. We might run it again soon.
Over at Savvy, I joined in the Scraplift Round Robin which was great fun. The idea is to scraplift the LO from the person before you, and so on down the list. Lisa has just posted everyone's LO in order and it is fascinating to see where it all started and where it changed etc.

Finally I've been chatting over at 3 Angels Scrapping again and doing the "pink" challenge - Jo challenged us to make a set (3) of pink cards, then added an extra challenge to creat a pink LO and pink OTP ... so far I've made the cards ...

... and this LO of our gorgeous neice Lacey. Lots of pink and pretty stuff there dont you think?

And now I have some ideas in my head for a pink OTP project ... stay tuned.