Thursday, 26 May 2011

Thanks to Windows Scheduler ...

I made some vague comment last time I blogged, I believe, about doing it more regularly ... so I organised for Windows to pop up with a reminder each Thursday morning. So far so good, except it is now afternoon, and I really dont have time ... bit sad really.

But here's why ...

  • The house is a mess (yes it is, really, and no, I'm not going to ignore it cos that will then make me cranky having a dirty, unorganised

  • I have just finished doing some (not all I wanted to but some nonetheless) farm office work ... which was scheduled for yesterday (one of my kid-free days) but which I didn't get to do because I ended up helping hubby pull the tractor and spray rig out of a bog ... which incidently I didn't mind doing and really quite enjoyed a wee bit of tractor driving, especially when I was so highly commended on my tractor driving skills and the perfect execution of the pull-tractor-out-of-bog manouvre ... but which then put my whole day out of kilter and I ended up rushing to town to the PO and to do some errands

  • I have a heap of new stock to upload to the RES site ... but I have now run out of peak internet usage time (we're on satellite out here, no chance at getting these lovely cheap "unlimited" plans - gggrrr) ...

  • I have some sorting and pricing to do of various household goods which I'm selling at a garage sale on Saturday ... which is actually my friend's garage sale but I am helping and taking the opportunity to sell our stuff (and I cant tell you how handy a little bit of cash would be so cross your fingers for me ok)

  • I also have baking to do ... why? you ask ... well let's just say I had the brilliant idea of baking cupcakes and the likes for my 2 kids and my friend's 2 kids to sell at their own little table at the garage sale - bit of pocket money for them and will hopefully keep them out of our hair

So that's why I haven't got time ... and why am I still here? Dunno really, other than to attempt to actually update my blog in an entertaining way ... trying to, anyway.

Best get busy now. See ya :)

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Kristal said...

I hope your garage sale went well helen :D And the cupcakes were a hit :D