Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Any idiot can face a crisis ...

... it's this day to day living that wears you out!!!

Yes, that is my phrase of the moment and oh, how true it is!

*** I have deleted my personal ramblings here as it seems they have been misunderstood, misinterpreted and misused so this blog shall be focussing once again on just my scrapping ***

No!! Stop!! Enough!! Apart from the fact that I shouldn't be disclosing personal business here, it does me no good at all to whinge and whine. I have to buck up, deal with it, and make the most of what we DO have.

And that is each other. And we have a roof over our heads (for now, haha) and we are warm and well fed (even if it is all home brand LOL).

And I am blessed to have a wonderful hobby I can still pursue (albeit with no new purchases of course) and that creative outlet - when I have time - is a godsend.

So here's what I've squeezed in over the last few weeks, creatively speaking ...

This grungy LO was inspired by a sketch challenge over at Twiddleybitz actually and I really enjoyed doing this page, something a bit different for me and it was challenging to keep the grungy theme happening and find the right embellies but I think it turned out ok in the end.

I also joined in the card swap over there and made this one ...

This next page was actually for Mistra's May Challenge over at RES ...

And I whipped up a couple of "just because" cards using up those scraps ...

Totally non scrap related, these are the newest members of our family (and they're gonna have to learn to feed themselves pretty fast cos the current cash crisis is squeezed even more having to now buy cat food LOL). Aren't they cute? even for farm cats? They are brothers - the kids named one each, Darkie and Sammy - and they are for mouse hunting. I hope they're quick learners.

And there's been some seriously cold and horrible weather lately too ... including a few ripper frosts like this one.

And back to the scrapping ... a few pages to get those pics scrapped, memories recorded and stash used!

Ok so I'm off to finish cleaning and sorting out this office/scraproom, have a bite to eat and if I can drag myself out of the money doldrums I might try and get creative again.

Thanks for stopping by :) Hmmm, next time I might make the post a bit more cheery 'eh.


Kim said...

Helen I am so sad to hear you like this, it makes me want to reach out and give ya a hug.....hope is all improves the mean time keep on scrapping coz there are some gorgeous pages amongst all that lot!

Liz Weber said...

{{hugs}} Helen, so sorry to hear about the $$ woes, it's soooo hard for so many, wish I could be of help to you.

LOVING your gorgeous work here, your layouts are gorgeous, loving the nice neat style of them all and I just adore your gorgeous cards - that birdcage is gorgeous and I love all the sweet designs.

Hope things look up soon for you guys! Take care Helen.

Kate said...

aw Helen that's no good. Don't be worried about sharing these probs with us as most likely we are going through similar issues of our own. I hope things start to look up for you guys financially. its tough :( xox p.s. love the creations