Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunshine on a cloudy day!

*** I have deleted my personal ramblings here as it seems they have been misunderstood, misinterpreted and misused so this blog shall be focussing once again on just my scrapping ***
And so here's a bit of what I've squeezed in lately.
This one is my sample LO for the Red Earth Scrapping Road Trip competition. We "visited" Tennant Creek in the NT during week 4 on the tour.

This one is a "just because" using up some pretties.

This one is another "just because" using up some pretties as well as displaying a few yummies from the RES shop. Sorry about the dodgy/shadowy pic LOL.

I have some other LO's I've been working on but cant show you yet (they're for the RERT competition which is still running) so stay tuned for them.

Until next time, I hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are.


Kate said...

hang in there Helen, I know how you feel and went through it recently myself with my scrapping. But it is something you can turn to in good times and bad :) hang on to it, and even if you feel you haven't done it for awhile. xox

Liz Weber said...

{{hugs}} Helen, focus on the sunshine. Don't give up on what makes you happy, enjoy it when you can. Hope you get some more sunshine soon. Looking forward to Friday, cya soon! PS: the sun isn't shining here doh so make sure to bring some with you! Have a safe trip!

Your layouts are wonderful, I still want to use that first one and I love the pretty layout and your high tea layout is beautiful!

Ancret said...

I love the one of your darling daughter, simple, elegant and nice colours too :-) Did you make the suffolk puffs on the RERT and the High Tea LOs? Remember I am never far away for a chat or a whinge or a cry or a rant, whatever you need at the time. xxx

Moira said...

Hiya Hun, just sending you some hugs and happiness! If you feel so inclined on your visit, you can pop in to our retreat in toowoomba! Amanda and I along with a few others are scrapping wed-fri :-) Have a wonderful time getting away from it all and spending time in the sunshine state :-)

Kim said...

Helen i hope things settle down for you soon......please dont give up scrapping we all desereve a bit of me time!

Paula said...

Gorgeous the colours & your designs :)
Sorry, for whatever you've been going through...hope things have improved for you. I personally find venting it out is perfect for the soul ;) certainly better than letting it fester inside!