Monday, 18 June 2007

My second swap ...

Well, this is only a ric-rac swap on the Divas site, but hey, it still counts. I am seeing how swaps become addictive but I am going to be good and only do those I know I can manage.

Ok, so nothing exciting happening in my world but I have been scrapping away, doing a little each day if I can so here's a couple for your viewing pleasure.

I have been looking at my work lately and trying to figure out if I have a defined style or something that is obvious about my LO's. What do you think?
I cant really pick anything because I'm always trying to do something different for each page.

Well, I'm just finishing a cuppa now and then we'll be off to the Dr's - we're all snotty here so time to do something about all this sickness in our house me thinks!!!


Rachael said...

I left comments in the gallery back at Divas - but I wanted to pop in and say a heidi ho here :)

I love your style, I think you are a bit like me, still finding your groove and thats a great thing. Keep those beautiful pages coming!!!

HOpe you are all feeling better soon - sounds like everyone is getting the lurgies - don't send them up this way LOL

Moira said...

Hey there! Love love love these LOs. Might need to invest in a circle cutter like that so I can scraplift it! I think Rachael is right, you're still finding your style, and that's a good thing. I know that my first three months or so of scrapping have a multitude of techniques and styles before I found what worked. The downside of finding my style was I also hit creative wall, and went from churning out page after page to barely managing 1 or 2 LOs at a crop. So keep on experimenting and have fun with it - that's what it's all about after all!!

TribeRingers said...

Whatever your style - I like it! I love the circles LO - great work and love the photos too.

Take care, it's almost CC time. :)