Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Turning a corner

In my post on 10th April I was complaining about the "terrible twos" and how I wasn't coping etc. Well, I am pleased to report that DD seems to have turned a corner with that behaviour and Mummy is coping so much better!

I've been told that often toddlers will go through a really foul stage of behaviour or actions just before they do their next bit of maturing ... I have seen it before with DD and should have realised perhaps this time ... because sure enough she literally just woke up one morning in a better mood and I noticed almost straight away that she'd grown up.

So last post I introduced DH Marty ... this post I'll introduce you to my 2 beautiful children.

This is CAITLIN ELIZABETH ... born 4th September 2004.

I snapped this photo just last week - she was eating some more of her Easter chocolate after dinner one night and was clowning around.

Dont you love her gorgeous deep brown eyes? Button nose? Killer smile?

Hey, I'm her MOTHER, I'm entitled to brag about her (and of course no one else's child is as beautiful as your own - hehehe).

And here's CIARAN MICHAEL ... born 29th July 2006.

(And no, I dont mind you asking how to pronounce his name - Keiran - the spelling we chose is the original Irish way and if you can do a good Irish accent put some more emphasis on the second half).

DS is a real little boy and just so full on. Never stops. And has such a beautiful personality that shines through even at this age.

Caitlin's personality was so strong too right from when she was a tiny baby.

Now, his eye colour ... they're hazel basically. Some days more brown, others more green/grey but always gorgeous. Yeah I know, bragging AGAIN!!!

Would you believe he's so close to walking (and not quite 9 months yet). He's been on his feet cruising between the furniture and all that for a while now but the latest trick is not only standing without holding on, but standing up by himself. OMG! Where did my baby boy go?

I have a confession ... I have not scrapped one single page for Ciaran! I know, I know, I know ... what a terrible mother and all that BUT ... I have been buying up plenty of boy themed stuff for my scrap stash so there's sure to be something readily available when I finally get around to starting his album.

So, no LO's to share yet again however I'm working on one for Cyberscraps April Challenge which is about your best personal trait (see previous post) and I want to try and squeeze in an Easter LO for Scrapbook Divas April challenge as well but I haven't got the photos printed yet and my printer is dying a slow, painful death ... hmmm, we'll just have to see about them.

Well, hope you liked the piccies of my kids.

Til next time ...

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Moira said...

That is a seriously adorable photo of Ciaran - gorgeous. When are you going to scrap this one?!!! I can totally see a 5 by 7 enlargement in black and white, and you do have a nice stash of boy stuff! Oh, and BTW, Matt now refers to my scrapbooking as colouring in, so thank Marty for that :-)