Friday, 27 April 2007

Finally !!!

I have finally done a LO for DS ... and would you believe it didn't take me too long (cant say just how long since I kept getting interrupted).

I did a 12x12 page (and framed it) for a friend when her son was born about 2 years ago using this pp and I have wanted to use it again - lucky for me I actually had my own son!

I've used Heidi Swapp's chipboard self-adhesive letters but they weren't sticky at all so I've had to glue 'em on myself. I also used HS corner rubons (on both photos and the word "adore") but I found they were breaking up as I rubbed them on which is a shame. I only bought them fairly recently.

Anyway, leave me a comment about my first LO for Ciaran ... be constructive with your comments (not just "nice" or "good work") - I truly want people's opinions about whether something's missing from a LO, not quite right or perhaps you would have done something different ...

And on another note ...... IT'S RAINING !!! Yep, Mother Nature hasn't forgotten how to release the wet stuff from the sky although she's just teasing us at the moment. Please keep you fingers and everything else crossed that we get some more SOON ... enough to sow the crop and fill the tanks would be a start ...

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The Librarian said...

Hi Helen!

Love the LO - I am not used to so much 'space' but that seems to be a trend for boy LOs. It is welll balanced and the measurements down the bottom are great.

Love your Mum LO too.