Monday, 2 April 2007

How embarassing!!!

So, about that wedding on the w/end ... DH was best man for his mate so I didn't see him for most of the day. DH was sorry he wouldn't be with me but I assured him I would be fine, it wasn't like I didn't know anyone, just so long as we got at least one dance together.

Anyway, I got dressed up, the kids were happy at home with the babysitter and I was all set for a good night out.

Well, we got a quick spin together on the dance floor, I "grooved" a bit more with some friends before my night went downhill ... and yes, you guessed it, I had a little too much to drink!!! Let's just say my best friend (who, I might add, was almost as bad as me) and DH had to look after me and we ended up being taken home by some friends instead of going on the bus back to town with the rest of the guests!!! HOW EMBARRASING!!!

It was little comfort to know that there were plenty of other "messy" people that night and a heap of sore heads the following day, it's just that I made mine rather public - uuggghh!!!

BUT ... I did have some help with my red wine consumption since my glass was constantly topped up when I wasn't looking so when I thought I was ok just sipping slowly on one glass, who knows how much I had - oops. And I'm out of practice too, having had my second baby only 8 months ago (and don't worry, he was bottle fed instead that night). Well, they're my excuses and I'm sticking to 'em!

In all though the wedding was beautiful and I did have a great night.

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