Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Where is the week going?

I guess it's only hump day today but already I'm on the downhill run to the end of the week, or so it feels.

We went to playgroup on Monday morning and stayed longer than I planned although the kids didn't mind.
DS was coming down with something so I wanted to get him home to rest - I think I got some washing done but I cannot for the life of me remember now what I did. Tuesday I spent cleaning and tidying the house for friends coming to stay. More washing of course and I STILL haven't folded it all yet - I'm ashamed to admit it's in piles on our bedroom floor and tonight I just cant be bothered.

My friends arrived for dinner Tuesday evening and we had a lovely evening catching up with them over a bottle of chocolate liqueur port (YUM) and then today we all rushed out of the house together - first stop was to deliver DD to day care, then I drove around town showing my friends a few interesting places before DS got very upset and I decided to take him to the Dr - he'd been battling raging temps for 3 days/nights now and just looked sick although he was still feeding/eating ok. I didn't want to take any chances though.
So I dumped my poor friends at a fabulous "shop" (antiques, homewares, giftware, garden things and great coffee on the side) and headed to the Dr.

Turns out DS has some sort of virus so he's now on antibiotics and Dr wanted a urine sample - gave me just 2 of those peadiatric bag things and said he wanted the sample ASAP. Well, I'm not having any luck in that department because both have come unstuck - ggrrrr. Thank god his temp seems to be under control today.

So I collected my friends, and we came home so I could check out her scrapbooking albums. WOW!!! OMG!!! I was so inspired and excited and itching to get into my scrapping then and there, but then got very sad realising that my scrapping seems to take a back seat to all the other day to day chores and running around.
At least I could drool over her work and discuss things like Basic Grey, Fancy Pants, Chatterbox, Chipboard, inking - blah blah blah - without having to explain myself!!!

DH came home and we all had lunch together before my friends headed off and before I knew it, it was time to head to town AGAIN to collect DD, deliver a Nutrimetics order and come home to do the afternoon/evening battle of dinner, baths and bed ... WHEW!!!

And tomorrow, I have to work :( :( :(

I am so hanging out to do some scrapping ... maybe over Easter ...

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