Friday, 6 April 2007

Note to self ...

DONT PROCRASTINATE! Sometimes I astound myself with how organised I can be and get things done and other times I'm a shocker. I'm especially bad at decision making, I know that!

Those piles of washing I mentioned last time ... well I finally put my A into G last night and got 'em folded. I should have just done it as I brought it in instead of seeing the pile grow and then become a big chore.

I'm proud of myself this morning though - I've done a load of washing AND hung it straight out AND got all the hand washing done that I've been putting off. Now I might have something in my wardrobe to wear - hehehe.

On another note ... DD was so cute last night when I got home from work (laden with groceries). She helped me unpack and put it all away in the cupboard and fridge - the 2L juice and soft drinks though were "too hebby mummy". How cute!

Why are 2 year olds so sweet and cute and funny one minute, then just horrible the next??? I guess that's being 2 ...

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