Saturday, 7 April 2007

I got an urge to scrap yesterday afternoon and - wonder of wonders - managed to complete a WHOLE layout in one session. There was no coming back and forth from it for days as I sometimes do, I just worked away and got it done and am actually very pleased with the result.

Scrapping is never a chore (hello, would we do it otherwise!) but as much as I love it I almost always make myself complete other things (read:housework) before I get to do "my thing". I am slowly getting more organised so I can spend more time scrapping.

Before I get scrapping now, let me tell you a funny (well, sort of) story - I drenched the family yesterday (Combantrim - i.e. wormed) and accidentally poisoned my husband. He had 11 squares of chocolate instead of the maximum dose of 7 - OOOOPS!!! DD and I were fine but poor old DH came home at lunch time and spent the afternoon lazing on the lounge and running to the loo!!! Oh dear ...
He's been telling everyone since that I tried to poison him - LOL!!!

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TribeRingers said...

Hi Helen, That LO is gorgeous! I love the half flowers, I'm going to try that one. :)

I hope that your DH is feeling better bye now. Poor thing. LOL

Take care and thanks for dropping by my little blog corner of the world. I appreciate your lovely comments about my wee simple LOs.