Sunday, 1 April 2007

Well, here goes my first attempt at a blog!!!

Well, here goes my first attempt at a blog. I was inspried to create my own little "on line diary and scrapping gallery" from reading fellow scrappers blogs and seeing how they displayed their work. Having finally got broadband earlier this year (satellite) I've been spending way too much time at the computer and most of it has been browsing scrapping sites (read : shopping too). I've joined a few forums and through there have felt like I've made a whole new set of friends.

Last weekend I participated in my first ever CYBERCROP at and loved it. I arranged for DH to be around during the w/end to keep the kids out of my hair while I got down to the serious business of scrapping. I managed to completed all 3 challenges and - get this - was the winner for the first challenge!!! Here's my LO ...

This is DD Caitlin at about 23 months last winter - she just loved this beanie and insisted on having her jacket hood up too. The challenge was to use puzzle pieces and 2 patterned papers ... I found these puzzle piece shapes in clip art in WORD so I printed them, stuck it to cardboard and put the pp on the other side then cut 'em out (well, I lie a little here - DH cut them out AND managed to snap my good scissors in the process LOL).

My entry for the second challenge (had to use heartfelt journalling) was a mini album 6" x 4" which will be a work in progress - it starts off with a photo of DH which I love (but he hates) and the chorus from Josh Groban's song "In Her Eyes" (from his latest album "Awake"). The journalling is about how this song expresses how I believe how my husband feels about me (if that makes sense).

The third challenge was Black & White ... and I'm pretty pleased with my LO ...

The journalling card is behind the photo - the piccie is of my mum when she was about 3 and the journalling is about how music has shaped her life.
She said she had tears in her eyes when she saw/read this one.
Oh, the title reads "God gave us MUSIC that we might pray without words".

I really enjoyed creating this one because I made every element from scratch (the piano keys is actually a pic I downloaded from the internet, converted to grayscale and printed on vellum) and I also did the same with a pic of music manuscript, printed it on white bazzil cardstock and cut the letters of "music" by hand. I have also never done a B&W LO so it was a challenge for me but I did enjoy it.

Needless to say, my whole w/end of scrapping left me with a pile of housework to catch up on during this past week (and - horror - I still have a little pile on the floor STILL not folded and put away). In fact I was a bit scrapped-out so I haven't done any more scrapping this week except to make a card on Friday for a friend's wedding we attended yesterday.

More about the wedding next time ...

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